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Zaros has gone down in history as releasing possibly if not yet THE WORST wilderness in RSPS HISTORY. 


Root of the problem: 0 people in the wilderness.

Developers Solution: 

Me: Wilderness is gonna have some exciting stuff?
Lucas/Hope: Ye first were gonna release a Wilderness Boss, Wilderness Slayer, Blood money Shop and Revs!
Me: Damn that sounds sick?
Lucas/Hope: You know the wilderness boss? Well, its gonna drop absolute junk and the uniques will have 0 value outside of pvp and also no one will be pking in our wilderness so the uniques will still have 0 value 😜
Me: Oh? what about wildy slayer?

Lucas/Hope: LMAO Wildy slayer? Bro were gonna add 50 points per task and people are gonna love it!
Me: ? kk what about the blood money shop sounds beast
Lucas/Hope: See about that.... were gonna make everything expensive, were also gonna make supplies cost more than what you can make off blood money and best of all since there will be no one in our wilderness you'll actually never be able to buy the stuff LMAO! 

Me: .... Revs?
Lucas/Hope: Ye we're gonna nerf it 2 days into release


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I see ppl getting killstreaks all the time in the in game chat... idk about this one chief.
I'd say maybe allow for people to play and loot up, then maybe people will start venturing out. 
Id say maybe write up a decent suggestion thread and get some traction on it.
Overall I dont think bashing staff would help you gain any favor anyways... 

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