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another intro...


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Hey everyone I go by Rhet

Umm I have been playing RSPS for a very long time I am not from IKOV or anything recent I am an OSRS player who does not have enough time to keep up and play OSRS nowadays. I still miss the grind of OSRS so I found Zaros is doing a really great job for a substitute. The community looks pretty new so I think it is a perfect time to find a place here and play. I am always down to F2P Pk on OSRS if that is still active(idk) anyways see you guys out there my IGN's on Zaros is: 'Rhetoric' & 'Jumbo Gumbo' If you want to f2p osrs and around the 90 cb bracket my OSRSN is: 'Chrq


See you soon

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