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Skilling/Misc Suggestions.


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  1. Enable gems to go straight into the gem bag rather than click to fill, similar to the seed box.
  2. Change eclectic medium clue drop rate, currently its uncommon but I've caught over 300 and had 2 (OS is currently 1/25) there is currently no quick way to get medium clues which means spending an hour a day trying to get 2 clues which is slower than OS.
  3. Buff farming, currently I'm super donator so I should receive 15% increased yield and I average 8 herbs per patch (tested from 20 Irit seeds) I'm not saying un-nerf it to how it was before but make it more beneficial to us.
  4. Speed up the catch rate of karambwans currently quite slow.
  5. Implement seed box, its extremely helpful to all of us mainly the UIM community.
  6. Limpwurt roots currently give a set amount per seed when harvesting, it's not 'RNG' based which on OS it is, given this amount is also quite low it makes it almost worthless to farm them.
  7. Birds nests buff, even at 78 hunter on 8x from nothing but birdhouses I am yet to receive any seeds of value/worth to my account maybe base this on the type of birdhouse so the higher level of birds nest, higher chance of getting a high tier seed.
  8. Make karambwanji fishable. 
  9. Add a world hop feature.
  10. Make clue scrolls stackable.
  11. Make fish barrels in donor zone able to stack/note fish.
  12. Add farming timer plugin on runelite or something similar to the birdhouse reminder.
  13. Make snape grass seeds from master farmers lower drop rate or give them in 3's since you need 3 to plant them.
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