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What is your favorite Movie/Tv Series?


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Breaking Bad is my favourite television show. Breaking Bad is like an amalgamation of the greatest malefaction movies ever made, without ever feeling or coming across like it is facsimileing from them and separating itself as its own unique thing with a completely pristine premise. It is like the story of Walter White glides through an anthology of classic malefaction movies without any lines drawn between which and where they commence or end.

The Wolf of Wall Street is my favourite movie. The movie is a thrill ride, and is absolutely hysterical and meticulously constructed. I was both engaged and hypnotized proximately the entire duration the first time I ever saw the movie. The movie additionally presents my favourite actor, Leonardo DiCapiro, in possibly his finest acting performance of his vocation - granted, he was superb in The Revenant and other movies, but he was on another level in The Wolf of Wall Street.

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