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A reflection on the first week of Zaros!


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You guys have done a great job keeping the server alive the first week. Looking forward to seeing the many updates coming up! Time to grind raids now 🙂 Good job to all of the developers that have been working non-stop!

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23 minutes ago, David said:

Hello everyone,

After a hectic week I just wanted to take some time to sit and reflect on our first week online and keep everyone updated with how it has been going.

Our launch overall was a success, we had over 3000+ online a few times and have remained massive still. No server has hit these numbers in over 5 years, or even close! Thank you to everyone who kept faith and remained patient when we had hiccups coming up to this launch. 

We have been working so hard on fixing all the bugs you guys find, having 3000 real players online really tests every line of your code and we have spent a lot of time working on stability. All the developers have different jobs however the person who does the engine changes is also the developer who handles the website, so unfortunately voting and hiscores have taken a backseat while the server stability was being worked on but we are expecting to push both out very shortly!

Here is a list of our changes since our launch

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5th December - 

- Pest Control
  - Reduced drain rate of activity meter
  - Increased activity points gaiend from attacking monsters (including gaining some even for hitting 0's)
 - Buffed experience from tears of guthix from 15 experience per tear to 25 base experience per tear
- Fixed Ernest the chicken doors
- Fixed not being able to cross rocks at LMS
- Fixed certain items breaking from PvM related deaths
- Fixed looting bag not dropping all items within it on death
- Fixed quest rewards disappearing if inventory is full
- Wintertodt
  - Fixed being able to continue cutting bruma roots while a game is inactive
  - Fixed resource items being left on the ground after a game ends.
- Fixed issues with abyssal demons teleporting into walls
- Minimize damage taken in the final circle of LMS

6th December -

- Dice bag untradeable
- Reduced buy back price of fire cape
- Rogue set made untradeable
- Fix for seed pack not picking up properly
- Removed an inaccessible fishing spot in Shilo Village
- Added amulet of power to jewellery store
- Lowered rune axe price from 75k to 15k
- Fixed an issue with the gem bag where it'd bank wrong amount
- Can now filter auto chat
- Fixed an issue where clue scrolls gave too many coins.
- You can now add up to 400 players to your friends list.
- Fixed revenants showing wrong drop rates for statuettes on the drop table viewer.
- Corrected amount of time that can be spent inside the Tears of Guthix minigame.
- Increased minimum number of herbs harvested from 3 to 5. - Compost now increases farming yield.
- The Tool leprechaun no longer shows invalid amounts stored in the interface.
- Catci can now be planted at the farming guild.
- Added snape grass seed to master farmer pickpocket table.
- Added sickle and cannonball moulds to the tool store.
- Added Scavvo's rune store at champions guild.
- Keldagrim ore shop now only restocks 1 at a time.
- Supply crates now give the empty tome of fire, rather than a charged one. This also fixes the item not registering to the collection log.
- Fixed non-donators being able to enter the extreme donator zone through the pyramid.
- Fixed a bug where fish could be cut without a knife.
- Increased cost of limestone bricks.

8th December -

Content Additions & Changes

 - Trading Post:
  - Now enabled on all worlds.
 -Quest Tab:
  - Now shows the total playercount (combined on all worlds). Hover to see the playercount on individual worlds.
   - Added Wilderness info section -
  -  Moved down pk hotspot / other wildy-related information to it.
   - Added Galvek spawn timer.
 - Blast Furnace:
   - Fixed an issue where noted bars could not be taken out of the dispenser.
   - Increased prices of ores within the Keldagrim Ore Shop.
   - Decreased the restock speed of the Keldagrim Ore Shop.
  - Wintertodt:
  - Buffed the amount of firemaking experienced received from a Wintertodt round.
   - The cold in Wintertodt no longer cancels Woodcutting.
   - Rogues Den Wall Safes:
   - Reworked loot tables to closer match OSRS.
   - Coins received from the wall safes now use the coin pouch mechanic and give an amount similar (slightly increased) to the beginner stall at home.
  -  The drop table is now searchable and also can be seen through the "examine" option of each safe.
  -  Super+ Donators have a chance to obtain a bag full of gems on each successful crack of the safe. You can see the rate for this on the drop table viewer if you have a sufficient donator rank.
 - Barrows Armour:
  - Reduced the default repair cost of barrows armour by 50%.
  - The armour stand will now repair fully broken barrows pieces and will also give you an additional discount of up to 50% depending on your smithing level.
  - Tip Jars have now been added to player-owned houses. Ironmen cannot receive the tips, but can still donate to other non-ironmen.
  - Tears of Guthix now adds experience to the lowest non-combat skill.
  -When pickpocketing with full rogues and receiving an additional coin pouch, it will automatically be opened.
 - Barrows brothers can no longer be safe-spotted by luring them behind each other.
 - General Graardor can now only attack when in melee distance.
 - Damaged books now count as godly items in the Godwars dungeon.
 - Green dragons can no longer be assigned by Vannaka.
 - Baby green dragons now count as Green dragons for tasks, they drop babydragon bones and no longer use fire breath.
 - The trade decline message will now always be sent, no matter how the interface was closed. The message is now also red.
 - Lowered Ava's accumulator price from 50k to 7k in the range shop.
 - Recoils and Phoenix necklaces are now noted in the jewellery shop.
 - Volcanic ash, crystal armour seeds, and crystal tool seeds are now tradeable. 
 - Added reindeer hat & easter ring to Mystery box loot.
 - Mystery Boxes can now be searched for on the trading post.
 - Jukat has been added in Zanaris, he sells Dragon daggers and longswords.
 - Thieving stalls and pickpocketable NPC's can now be examined to view their drop tables. They can also be searched for in the drop table viewer.

Bug Fixes:

 - Fixed an issue with the Dark bow special attack where it would sometimes hit below the minimum damage.
 - Fixed an issue with the Dwarf multi cannon where it would sometimes disappear when logging out.
 - Fixed an issue where ring of wealth was not picking up numulites.
 - Fixed Carpenter's shirt appearance.
 - Shops can now hold more items, fixing the bug where the Raw karambwanji would not show in the tool store.
 - Fixed an issue where kraken and it's tentacles were not killable on a boss task.
 - Graceful now correctly registers in the collection log when bought.
 - Fixed an issue where flax would block pathing when despawned.
 - Fixed an issue where ranged experience did not give the proper amount compared to the other combat skills.
 - Superglass make spell now gives crafting experience for every Bucket of sand used.
 - Plank make lunar spell now correctly deletes runes.
 - Skotizo no longer becomes unkillable when getting low on health and 1-3 altars are active.
 - Fixed an issue where arclight would lose charges in PvM death (still loses charges in PvP related deaths).
 - Fixed an issue where marble gargoyles were unkillable.
 - Fixed an issue where birds nests could not be crushed when your inventory is full.
 - Fixed an issue where dark beasts were assigned to the catacombs of kourend.
 - Fixed an issue where pyrefiends required a slayer level of 90 to kill.
 - Ring of dueling equipment tab options should now work properly.
 - Binding Necklace should now work as intended.
 - A warning will now pop-up if you do not have the 'Ash Covered Tome' unlocked, and try to fertile soil to create ultracompost.
 - Digging up a tree produced with farming will now give you roots, and a QOL update has been applied to make those roots noted. 
- Railing Shortcut at the Tree Gnome Village should now work as intended.
 - A problem with using compost on an already fully grown patch has been resolved.
 - Emotes can no longer be used in a duel.
 - New players will no longer be able to trade items for their first 30 minutes of gameplay.
 - Teak trees in PRifddinas are now able to be cut down.
 - Fixed an issue with the trading post achievement for selling items not working correctly.
 - Fixed an issue where crystal weapons would degrade from being hit by other NPC's.

11th December - 

- Barrows Brothers will now spawn closer to you
- You can now purchase a Cape of Legends from the General Melee Store
- Tournament start times will now announce on all words
- Presets will now require you to enter your bank pin if you haven't already
- Removed chaos runes from Paladin pickpocket tables
- Dragon Axe rate from Wintertodt lowered to 1/2500
- Added the other explorer rings and their patch locations
- The Achievement Store should now have infinite stock
- You can now toggle Combat or Non-Combat experience at Tears of Guthix by talking to Juna
- Lowered the price of all arrows
- The amount you enter on skill dialogues will now save on logout
- Buffed Birdhouse nest loot and nests overall
- Changes to commands that take you to the wilderness, "wildy" has been appended to the end of them to prevent luring
- Token Scrolls will now show their USD amount
- All Elves in Prifddinas should now be pickpocketable
- You can now get "Wilderness Slayer Caskets" when on a wilderness slayer task

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a problem with the Tool Leprechaun allowing you to deposit more than what you had
- Slight nerf to the rate at which Count Draynor recovers health
- Basilisk Sentinals should now give slayer experience
- Spinolyps will no longer drain prayer on unsuccessful hits
- Fixed problem with revenant killcount not showing up in your collection log
- Some items in your collection log will now be properly applied if purchased from a store
- Cactus patches can now be protected
- Yew Tree protection should now look for cactus spines rather than marigolds
- Ahrim's Staff should now auto-cast ancients with an amulet of the damned
- Plank Make spell should now give magic experience
- Hardwood Seeds should now be tradeable
- Clue items should no longer be sent to the bank if you're an ultimate ironman
- Paladin Pickpocket table should now be on the drop viewer
- A problem with ring of suffering being used as a recoil
- Amulet of Blood should now revert to Amulet of Fury in a PvM death scenario
- A problem with Vampyre's dropping the wrong item
- A problem with Superior Slayer drop rates
- Basilisk Sentinals drop table being searchable
- A problem with Twisted Bow's accuracy
- You should now be able to attack Zulrah 2 ticks sooner after the cutscene
- A problem with Ironmen being able to buy items that were overstocked in a store
- A problem with the farming guild herb patch turning into weeds
- A problem with Minnows not using their correct timer
- A problem with charging Revenant Weapons
- Zulrah should no longer roll on the Rare Drop Table as often 
- A problem with Birdhouses not being interactable
- A problem with the TzTok-Jad pet announcement
- You can now imbue rings with charges
- Watered Seedlings should now grow properly
- Fixed a problem with Proselyte interfering with Ava's Devices

We still have so much in store for you guys as well, we're working hard on fixing all the current reported issues but we'll be continuing to push out constant updates. We read all of your bug reports and suggestions, we're getting round to all of them so please be patient!

We're also aware we're in need of a bigger staff team for all the players we have, we hear you and we've been working hard on promoting new people however we don't and won't just blindly pick people. We've had our eyes on the support chat so keep active and you may also get asked to join our wonderful team.

So far I am proud to announce we have added the following to our team since launch

@Setup - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Andreas - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Andy - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Sanyek - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Kenzz - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Leaned - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Paine - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Perfection - Promoted to Server Moderator
@Spirit - Promoted to Server Moderator

We know we're still short staffed for a server of this size but we're working on it.

So far only one of our PS5 prizes have been claimed with @Zarawinning the competition for the first ironman to achieve the maximum total level, congratulations!

We also have some events still to come! Today Chambers of Xerics launches where we have some prizes, with new content coming out with more prizes too.

The first player to get the olmet will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The first player to get a unique item will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The person with the fastest solo time after 1 week will receive $200 PayPal or $300 Zaros credits.
The group with the fastest time after 1 week will receive $50 PayPal or $100 Zaros credits each (Limited to max of 10).
The person with the most COX completions after 1 week will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.

Week 2 - Theatre of Blood

The first player to get the lil' zik pet will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The first player to get a unique item will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The group with the fastest time after 1 week will receive $50 PayPal or $100 Zaros credits each (Limited to max of 10).
The person with the most TOB completions after 1 week will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.

Week 3 - Nightmare of Ashihama

The first player to get the little nightmare pet will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The first player to get a unique item will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The group with the fastest time after 1 week will receive $50 PayPal or $100 Zaros credits each (Limited to max of 10).

Week 4 - Challenge Mode COX

The first player to get the metamorphic dust will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The first player to get a unique item will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits.
The group with the fastest time after 1 week will receive $100 PayPal or $150 Zaros credits each (Limited to max of 10).

* Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given us their support, who have stayed patient with us and have allowed us to deliver one of the biggest RSPS of all time. Thank you so much and we hope to continue setting records.

Kind regards,
Zaros Development Team.

Congrats to who got promoted! Glad to see the server booming with popularity. Can't wait to see my name up there after some hard work.

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