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Don shop items // mystery boxes


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-Donator shop-

~Treasonous ring (non-tradeable) - 1,500 tokens

~Ard cloak 4 - 500 tokens


Mystery Boxes:

~Remove Ags (Why pay 650 tokens in the shop when the value will never be near 650 tokens due to it being in mbox)

~Remove imbued heart (End game item // raids item) this should be a drop that you're excited about getting from slayer.

~Remove stam pot 4s // reduce amount of paint in Mystery box (I don't even know why these are possible in a $5 box) REPLACE with Divine potions, non-tradeable.

~Replace Antler hat with literally any other holiday item, Rubber chicken? Bunny outfit?


~Increase number of cannon balls received (I don't believe I got over 400 cannon balls from a single box, should be closer to 3-4k)

~Add scrolls that do not add $$ to total amount donated but rather give Donator tokens, Rare drop table

~Add the Penance pet, similar rate to rares.

~(Add 3rd age melee plate, legs , sword - similar drop rate of party hats) not too crazy about this one but its also a $5 box while these items are purely cosmetic 

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