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Hello everybody :D


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Good evening to each and everyone reading this ?


I'm jumping into this Server just a bit late and very excited to see what exactly this community holds for us as a Team.

I truly hope everybody has a great time within this Server and gets the best time out of it.
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in this server and definitely looking to make new friends.. Are you shy? Come talk to me, I'm friendly ?
Within the RSPS community, I've been around for a good amount of years and love sticking around. I've ran into a good amount of faces already while browsing forums.


- What I've got to offer in a Friendship -

  1.  Respect
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. I'm a rider
  4. Day maker
  5. I'm friends with EVERYBODY

Have a wonderful day to everyone reading this! I look forward to meeting all of yours faces ?



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1 hour ago, Kenzz said:

Hi there @Tamilz better late than never ?

I hope you will be enjoying your stay here and if you need anything feel free to ask.

Thank you so much for your kindness! Will definitely keep that in mind.

49 minutes ago, Jonathon said:

Hey @Tamilz, I notice your name ? welcome to Zaros man!

You'll see me around the Server, thanks for your kindness as well.

1 hour ago, November said:

Hey man how's it hanging, don't hesitate to pm me ingame to chat or for help.

You wouldn't happen to be THE Tamilz from F614 / SS?


57 minutes ago, Diamond said:

Welcome to Zaros mate!



42 minutes ago, Skills said:

Hello! Welcome to Zaros.

Thank you bro!

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You seen my intro and said hello straight away, that made me smile.. So I bring the same gratitude back to you good sir.. I wish you the best and I'm always here to help with any questions you might have!!!



6pMxCgf.gif Will Always Find me in 'Support' CC 6pMxCgf.gif


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