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Max Magic Tournament Tips!


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This is a small tips section for people who want to increase their chance of winning the max magic tournament.

To view a preview of this tournament, Skip to 7:00 in this video. Nes Max Magic Tournament

After watching the video and reading these tips; you may see some areas where Nes could have done more damage/been dealt less damage.

Tips to do more damage, have less damage dealt to you, and attack more frequently.

At the start of the match this is the best order to prepare.

- Saradomin Brew> Super Restore> Magic Potion> Set Fire Surge auto cast> Turn Augury and Smite on.

- If you brew, sometimes fire surge will stop auto casting. Always reset this!

-Use Fire Surge until the opponent drinks a brew. (Every decent player will angler brew combo if they are under 50-60 health)

-As soon as they brew, there magic level is lowered; this makes your spells more accurate against them. This is when you Volatile Staff special attack.

-Try to use your first Volatile special attack the first time they brew; this way you can use another Volatile spec later.

-If you are low health, try to use angler/karam combo until they eat food/drink brew/restore. If they eat/drink; this is when you want to brew>restore>magic potion

-If you are high health and they eat food/drink brew/restore; fire surge as much as possible!

-If you can brew twice before they are able to attack you back, do it! 

-Some people will try to manipulate you by standing under you; stay moving and don't let them walk under for more than 2 ticks. 

-Have pvp tracker available to keep track of how much food your opponent has.


Comment below if you want to add any information!

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