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The forum is very active, as pellucidly seen - the forum already has almost 2.5K threads and over 10K posts. I visit and use the forum on a day to day basis, and it is becoming quite an eye sore. The forum feels messy and cluttered. If a member from the development team could spare 5 minutes of their time to add more sections to the forum, it would be highly appreciated by all the active forum users within the Zaros community.

  • Add a Feedback or Community Input as a main section. Communities need an area to have their opinions shared publicly and have their voices heard. 
  • Goals and Achievements to be added as a sub-section, under the main General Discussion section.
  • There is currently an Archives sub-section, under the main Suggestions section. Add Accepted and Declined prefixes, so that the players can see what has been accepted and declined in there without having to access the threads and possibly scroll down/go through pages. 
  • Quests, Mini-Games, and Miscellaneous to be added as sub-sections, under the main Guides section.
  • Add Services as a main section, and change Vouches to a sub-section and add it under the main Services section.
  • Add Zaros Media as a main section, and add sub-sections under it: Player verses Monster, Player verses Player, Stakes and Gambles, and Miscellaneous.
  • The clanning community on Zaros is huge, there needs to be sub-sections added under the Clan Headquarters main section for players to seek the clan/clan chat they are looking for easier: Social and Community Clans, Skilling Clans, Player verses Monster Clans, Player verses Player Clans.
  • Add Solved as a sub-section, under the main Help section. 
  • Add Old School RuneScape as a sub-section, under the main Other Games section.

That is all for now.

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