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Vans Pawnshop!


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Hello fellow Zarosians! I am Van the pawner.


I am offer a unique server here on Zaros for the staking and gambling community! 

The way my service works is 

  1. I give you an offer on the items you'd like to pawn.
  2. If accepted you would procced to use "my" money to stake since cash is easier to use then items.
  3. Once you win I return "your" items for my cash back and 10%!
  4. In the unfortunate event you lose the stake you have 24 hours to return to me with the money for your items back!

If you have used my service please vouch for me on this thread, thank you very much!


Here is my Pawnshop store I started on IKOV with all the vouches.  (https://forum.ikov.io/topic/6302-macbooks-pawnshop/?tab=comments#comment-29325)

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Kind of sketch but seems like it can work out, I however fail to see why anyone would do it.

Let's say I have a 50m item, I can just go sell it, if I win I can buy it back afterwards, probably not even for 55m ( which would be what I would have to pay you ).

If I lose, having "24 hours" to have to go back to you to pay you 10% more than the original item price makes no sense, I could just make 50m back and buy my item back normally.


Prices don't fluctuate as much on here for this to be worth it, but good luck!


Also ( even if Ikov is David's server too ) fame or status on other servers really don't prove your "trustworthiness" on this server, we have staff members and EX admins of other servers playing on here who aren't trusted.

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I never liked the idea of copying and pasting another websites post, because not only does it make it look sketchy, it's just ugly in general. Why not use the same name as you did on Ikov for more of a trustworthy status?

Either way, best of luck with this.

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