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Creating LongTime Raid Team +2 time zone.


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Im looking for people who would go for raid team, those person should be from -2 till +4, time zone  , im only 70 kc on osrs so im not profesional , but there is still some requiments to join.


If you are interested Pm me in game ''11v11''

- Combat stats 99s (Important)

-Farming 55-99 ( 55 Important)

-Herblore 78-99 (Optinal)

-Mining 70-99 (70 Important)

-Thieving 60-99 (60 Important)

-Construction 60-99 ( Optional)

-Firemaking 50.




Helmet: Void melee/mage/range helmet - Helm of neitiznot

Amulet: Amulet of torture - Amulet of fury - Amulet of glory ( Salve is not working atm) + Occult neck

Cape: Infernal/Ava - Fire cape/ava

Body: Elite void top - regular void top - bandos chestplate/ahrim robe top

Bottom: Elite void robe - regular void robe - Bandos tasset/ahrim robe bottom

Weapion: Tridend of the swamp/Toxic blowpipe/Abbysal Tentacle - Trident of the sea/ACB/Rune cbow/ Abbysal whip.

Shield: Arcane Spirit shield - Melediction ward - dragon defender.

Gloves: Void gloves - Barrows gloves

Boots: Enternal boots/Primodial boots - Infinity boots/Dragon boots

Ring: Ring of suffering - Seer ring/Archer ring

Spec. wep: Dragon warhammer - Bandos godsword - Crystal halbert - dragon halbert.

 Be friendly and don't flame 🙂

Edited by 11v11


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