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Zaros (PVP-PVM-IRONMAN) ACTIVE 24/7 Recruitment #ZC


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Today we've gone and started our very own discord for Zaros, Will be taking in applications for recruitment tonight #ZC



Personal role:  What style your playing (PVM) / (IRONMAN) / (PVP)

Why you want to join:


We're looking for a active chill vibes community, we also have a discord for all types of channels, there's your very own IRONMAN section on discord

There Will be non stop Wilderness trips, meet ups on different areas of the wilderness nothings off limits to where we'll go

There's a section for a (Pvm/trading/global/drop pics) Boss grouping etc

There are some bots added into the discord as well, the giveaway bot always going on, react to enter 🙂 Prizes will get bigger over time as the clan grows

There's even a off topic for (ARK SMALL TRIBES XBOX)

@Fourtwenty or @Splintaon the discord


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