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Barrage/Entangle Broken.


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Whenever you barrage someone if you splash once or twice they instantly gain gap and you no longer can reach them, on 07 you can normally get 4-5 splashs before you get gapped. On here it seems a player gets out of reach of a barrage way to quickly. It seems the pathing is very messed up and inaccurate compared to 07 

Barrage/freezing is really broken, i don't know the cause but a few examples are. I was pking at rogues chest and the players looting chests seem immune to being frozen i don't know the cause, but if they are looting chests i literally can barrage them 6+ times and they won't get frozen.  Also if you freeze a player on the wilderness obelisk and you both teleport to a new location they become unfrozen, on 07 they remain frozen because they are still near you. There are a lot of examples on how the freeze system is broken these are just two.

Entangle is completely fucked, if you snare someone and get gapped either you get a message "this player is already frozen" even thought they are literally running there isn't a immunity or anything its something that lasts for ever until they log or escape. Either that happens or if you entangle someone and they run they no longer can get frozen from a entangle, i entangled someone and they got unfroze and i entangled them like 9+ times and none of them registered as a freeze even thought it wasn't a splash.

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