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Audi's Skilling/Iron man Services


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Hello and welcome to my Service thread 🙂

The idea of this is simple, I want to make better money than I already am with my accounts horrible drop rng. I will train any skill, or gather items (sand, water, planks etc) for a fair price. I believe a rate of 2gp/xp is more than fair (Will of course be cheaper if it's a bigger job).


I am also willing to train accounts from scratch; For example:

Creating a Iron/Real/Hardcore from scratch and knocking out the pesky starting stuff like- Gathering seeds, doing WOTD etc.


Terms of Service:

All services will be provided by hand myself, no use of bots/ahk/ghost mouse etc.

You agree not to log in until the service(s) are complete unless you contact me about it before hand:

You Will remove any and everything you deem important before the service starts:

Agree to pay up front/ In increments/ Or use a trusted middle man-staff member to hold payment:

You must change the password before service starts and right after service is completed, along with disabling bank pin or providing needed information:



Discord: Audi#0457



Vouch Thread:

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