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Blues "Clue"s


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Firstly id like to say hello to all on the server.

I'm Ores' , most of you may know me know me as 'clue' from other servers.

I'm one for skilling! i like to do stupid goals during the skilling community , yes , i am a skiller / 10hp account , known for my 200m mining's on multiple servers and will be completing this goal on this server also [on a hardcore and an elite hardcore].

If there are any other skillers out there or unique 10hp accounts, please please dont be afraid to add me and i can invite you into the small skillers community we uphold, look forward to meeting with you all!




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6 minutes ago, Zaros said:

Damn I'll have to keep an eye out for you man. Best of luck and I hope to see them 200m callouts!!

Be sure to see you around!!!


4 minutes ago, Twenty-Two said:

I wished that I enjoyed the Mining skill as much as you do, it is one of my least favourite skills. Welcome to Zaros, @Ores

One of the more afk'able skills, plus get to see a nice turn around of people and see other people achievements, its all good one you get in the flow of things


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