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WELCOME To PopTart N Chill you can find us in game at "poptart mika" CC and we are mainly a community/chill clan right now however we do a bunch of group bossing and our goal is to help every new member build their account with bossing/gear to become end game pvm ready EG Raids/TOB etc!


We strive to be a large gaming community based PVM Clan in Zaros. This clan's main goal is to provide a great gaming experience to everyone, focusing on helping any and all players that come through. Our CC is 100% Public and everyone is more than welcome to join at this point, however if you would like to  get a rank, you must apply on this thread or on our Discord so that the staff team knows that you want to be a part of the ranks. The current Staff Team takes into consideration advertising, behaviour and CC/Discord activity when evaluating if a player is deserving of a rank/promotion, Demotion.

1. Follow the ZAROS rules that can be found "clicking me".
2. Please treat all our members with respect, especially our Ranked team.
3. STRICTLY NO PKING MEMBERS! (unless agreed in the cc that your going to fight) 
4. NO GAMBLING OTHER MEMBERS WITHOUT A MM ( if your going to gamble other members ask a General (gold star) to be a MM and hold all payments and payout accordingly this will all be recoreded and saved as proof by the staff member)
5. All items borrowed/lent out are to be posted with proof in discord #lend proof channel to avoid scams!

Join our Discord Server : https://discord.gg/jkNXYvySgE

This page is currently under further construction this is just a quick draft.

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