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November's Hunter Guide ( Birdhouses )


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Requirements: 25 Construction, 30 Smithing, 5 Hunter, some low tier Seeds or Hops ( 38 Thieving to obtain these easier ), logs depending on your Hunter level. 😄 


First, you will need to get 5 Hunter, I personally think Crimson Swifts is the best way.

First, access the Tool Store at edge and buy a Hunter Kit.



Click on it, drop everything you don't need and keep your Bird Trap.


Head over to Feldip Hills vía Skilling Teleport, and walk over to the Crimson Swifts area.




Trap enough birds for 5 hunter! And you're done 😄




For Birdhouse trapping you can obtain some "dummy" seeds vía Master Farmer thieving, or buying "dummy" seeds from Olivia courtesy of @Ashy

I personally just use the lowest tier excess Herb Seeds I can find in my Seed Vault whilst I'm doing Farm Runs.




But first you will need to build a Workshop in your POH, and build a Crafting Table 2 or higher in your Workshop room, bring a Hammer + Saw + 4 Steel Bars.

Afterwards, craft on the Crafting Table 2 to be able to obtain Clockworks 😄 



You will need to craft 4 Clockworks for 99 Hunter.


Chop your all the logs needed for each tier of Birdhouses. ( Will require a Woodcutting level or to buy the logs )

Your inventory when doing Birdhouse runs should look like this.



Now you can head over to Fossil Island vía City Teleports.



This is what your first route should look like.



At this point you can now make your Birdhouses in your inventory ( or do it in your bank ).




Head over to the Birdhouse spots, and simply click build.



Afterwards you can use your seeds ( low tier herb seeds and hop seeds ) on the empty Birdhouse.



Once you're at the North Birdhouse spot, head over to your Magic Mushtree right beneath it.



Use it to teleport to the next Birdhouse area.






Sadly, you will have to walk to this area first to unlock the Magic Mushtree teleport.

These are the two routes courtesy of @Ashy




After an hour or so( depends on your Donator Status ) you will receive a message that your Birdhouses are ready to harvest! 😄 

On your second run of Birdhouse runs, you'll only need to bring Logs, a Hammer and a Chisel since harvesting Birdhouses will yield your Clockwork back. 😄 


These are all the Birdhouses you can place with their respective level requirement.


The higher the Hunter Level Requirement, the more Tree Nests you'll obtain per harvest 😉




1.- Obtain Level 5 Hunter vía your preferred means. ( Crimson Swifts ).

2.- Build a Workshop in your POH ( 15 Construction ) and build a Crafting Table 2 ( 25 Construction ).

3.- Smith or obtain in your own way 4 Steel Bars ( 30 Smithing ) and build 4 Clockworks in your Crafting Table 2.

4.- Chop your desired logs as needed ( Normal - Oak - Willow - Teak - Maple - Mahogany - Yew - Magic - Redwood )

5.- Create your Birdhouses.

6.- Place them in their places, fill them up with seeds.

7.- Wait...

8.- Collect for Hunter XP + Seeds + Tree nests! 😄 


This isn't supposed to be a "FASTEST" way to 99 Hunter, it's just extremely passive and you can do it alongside your Farm Runs to achieve 99 Hunter without putting too much effort in.

Sidebonus: Tree Nests for Saradomin Brews and Tree Seeds 😉

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I like the hunter guide much better. I think you should include all the GP requirements to get the necessary Construction setup versus just saying, 25 construction with these materials. As a new player, I ended up going back to get GP just to purchase the workshop, then again for materials to build the crafting tables (not listed on requirements, but seeds are?) - I think the same is for the Molten glass for the Clockwork table. I would say include at the top the various tables (& construction materials required to make them) as well as GP for the rooms - For new players, or people who actually NEED a guide, that haven't done any construction and are hoping to get/do the bare minimum in order to do Hunter 

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