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Sushi's Gambling Clan


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Hello and welcome to my gambling clan, we want to bring you guys the most legitimate experience whilst gambling on "Zaros" that being said I can ensure you that every rank is a trustworthy and responsible host.

For more information join our discord 



A9Pe47Q.png Recruit A9Pe47Q.png -

dUypXXs.png Corporal dUypXXs.png -

8nUnKqP.png Sergeant 8nUnKqP.png -

P1YoE0k.png Lieutenant P1YoE0k.png -

g3rlZFy.png Captain g3rlZFy.png -

iDpJEWF.png General iDpJEWF.png -


(Ranks can paid by items/cash, as the economy adjusts so will ranks)


A9Pe47Q.png Recruit A9Pe47Q.png - Max bet received 100M (Max Pot 200M)

dUypXXs.png Corporal dUypXXs.png - Max bet received 175M (Max Pot 350M)

8nUnKqP.png Sergeant 8nUnKqP.png - Max bet received 300M (Max Pot 600M)

P1YoE0k.png Lieutenant P1YoE0k.png - Max bet received 500M (Max Pot 1000M)

g3rlZFy.png Captain g3rlZFy.png - Max bet received 1000M (Max Pot 2000M)

iDpJEWF.png General iDpJEWF.png - Max bet received (UNLIMITED)


  • Scamming is NOT TOLERATED, if any evidence is found your rank will be REMOVED and you will be permanently banned from the clan chat and most likely from the server too
  • We are located at ::Gamble
  • You cannot host in any clan chat other then "Sushi"
  • Please ensure you have a secure password with two-factor authentication (2FA), this will be checked before ranks are handed out to ensure that hosts' accounts are not hacked/hijacked
  • All hosts which have a max bet limit, are required to advertise it.
  • Hosts who are deranked for any reason are not entitled to a refund.
  • Refunds will be made to players who are scammed by a ranked member by MYSELF as long as you have recorded the bet fully
  • You must be able to pay out any bet you receive. If you can't, don't take it.
  • You must not modify original games such as Blackjack (rules for host games found below)
  • Just because you are going up against someone who has a rank we still advise you to record ALL gambles.
  • Link to a recording software can be found here: http://www.solveigmm.com/en/products/hypercam/
  • There will be no refunds on ranks.
  • If you wish to host over your current max bet you may find a host with a higher maximum bet who can middleman the gamble.
  • Note: please refrain from using a middleman from another clan chat because it could cause conflict.
  • Please follow all of the servers rules.



 Flower Poker Rules: 
There are in total 9 sets of flowers in Flower Poker. Both players must plant a row of 5 separate flowers. 

What beats what? Best plants > Worse plants; Examples below: 
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1= 5p - 5 pairs of 1 color  (beats all)
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1= 4p - 4 pairs of 1 color (beats Full House) 
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1= Fh - Full house 3 pairs of 1 color + 2 pairs of 1 color  (beats 2 pair + beats Oak) 
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1685965836028215355.png?v=1= 3p/Oak - 3 of 1 color/3 of a kind (beats 2 pair) 
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1685965836028215355.png?v=1= 2p - 2 pairs of 1 color + 2 pairs of 1 color (beats 1 pair) 
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1685965836028215355.png?v=1685965768298332189.png?v=1= 1p - 1 pair of 1 color (beats bust) 
 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965809603969024.png?v=1685965836028215355.png?v=1685965768298332189.png?v=1685965753014550602.png?v=1= Bust - No pairs (you lose unless other player busts and you must replant) 
 +685965688896094215.png?v=1685965823386714251.png?v=1= Bwrp - Black or White flowers (replant flowers)
 Hot & Cold

Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colours. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose. If you win (host plants the colours you picked), you receive double your bet, if you lose (host does not plant the colours you picked), then you lose your bet.

Note: If a host plants a Rainbow, the host wins. If a Black/White is plant, it is a replant.

Hot Flowers: 685965809603969024.png?v=1685965836028215355.png?v=1685965738166714410.png?v=1    
Cold Flowers: 685965716847198250.png?v=1685965768298332189.png?v=1685965753014550602.png?v=1  
Host Win: 685965792042418287.png?v=1
Replant: 685965688896094215.png?v=1685965823386714251.png?v=1  
  Frosty Flowers

Like Hot and Cold, Frosty Flowers also runs off the concept of Hot/Cold flowers, but unlike Hot/Cold you do not call your flowers. Once you've placed your bet, the host will plant the seed and if it's cold, you win. 

If a host plants a black or white, you receive triple your bet!

Frosty Flowers:  685965768298332189.png?v=1685965753014550602.png?v=1685965716847198250.png?v=1 
Not so Frosty Flowers: 685965809603969024.png?v=1685965792042418287.png?v=1685965738166714410.png?v=1685965836028215355.png?v=1    
Triple Payout: 685965688896094215.png?v=1685965823386714251.png?v=1 

Like Flower Poker, ABC isn't based on the direct color of the flowers, but the name. Each flower has a specific name assigned to it and you want to get the flower's name closest to A. The winner is the person who plants the flower closest to A so Black would be the best possible flower, whereas Yellow would be the worst possible flower.

The game is usually played as First to 1 (FT1) or First to 3 (FT3) which means the first to win once (FT1) or win three times (FT3) wins the pot.
If the host and better plant the same colour, it's a host win. (Tie = Host Win)

List of colours from Best to Worst:

Black: 685965688896094215.png?v=1 
Blue: 685965716847198250.png?v=1 
Orange: 685965738166714410.png?v=1 
Pastel: 685965753014550602.png?v=1 
Purple: 685965768298332189.png?v=1
Rainbow: 685965792042418287.png?v=1 
Red: 685965809603969024.png?v=1 
White: 685965823386714251.png?v=1 
Yellow: 685965836028215355.png?v=1 
 55x2: 685965187463118945.png?v=1

The Host rolls a 100-sided die, if the number is higher than 55, then the better wins the pot (double what the bet was). If the number is below 55, the host wins the bet.
If the host rolls a 55, it's a reroll or refund.
 80x3: 685965187463118945.png?v=1

The Host rolls a 100-sided die, if the number is higher than 80, then the better wins the pot (triple what the bet was). If the number is below 80, the host wins the bet.
If the host rolls a 80, it's a reroll or refund.
 Blackjack (BJ): 685965187463118945.png?v=1

The Host rolls a 100-sided die, and the better can decide whether to hit or stay, with the aim being to get as close to the number 100 without going over.

Once the better stays on a certain number, the host must try to beat this number by rolling the dice until they either beat the number or go over 100 (bust).

If the better rolls over 100 while hitting on a number, the host wins the pot.

If the host beats their number which the better stayed on without going over 100, the host wins the pot.

If the host rolls over 100 while attempting to beat the number which the better stayed on, the better wins the pot.

If the host ties with the better's number, it's a host win.
 Dice Duel: 685965187463118945.png?v=1

This can be played by either First to 1 (ft1) or First to 3 (ft3) wins.

If both players roll the same number, it's a host win.

A win is when a player rolls a higher number than the other player, both using 100-sided dies.


VKphAgT.png Owner VKphAgT.png


iDpJEWF.png General iDpJEWF.png

g3rlZFy.png Captain g3rlZFy.png

P1YoE0k.png Lieutenant P1YoE0k.png

8nUnKqP.png Sergeant 8nUnKqP.png

dUypXXs.png Corporal dUypXXs.png

A9Pe47Q.png Recruit A9Pe47Q.png


(Last and most certainly not least have fun gambling and make sure you gamble responsible)


Edited by Sushi
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