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☁⚡ Skere ☔☀ services store [skilling, pvming, untradeables and MORE]


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☀ ☁  

Before requesting any kind of service first read the TOS.

Also make sure to check services status, those not mentioned there are most-likely open

Skilling services

  Currently i will be accepting any kind of request from any kind of account, of course, don't simply give me an EIM lvl 3 with nothing on it and tell me to get 99 farming, must have either the supplies needed or be willing to pay for the whole thing. Will leave the price to be discussed between me and the player interested, possibly adding standard prices in the near future.

Pvming - Bossing

  I'd say this is mainly for any kind of ironman. As i get to know the game better, i will be supporting a bigger variety of bosses, etc, need to feel confident enough. As for now if you wish to get any kind of unique lets say black mask, whip, bludgeon, dfs, pickaxe, etc, i can offer you this service. Once again price is to be discussed between me and client.

Minigame - Untradeables

  From void up to ava's assembler, or full graceful outfit, just ask, offer and we'll see.

- Pest Control: 

Fire cape - Inferno

  Tbh please don't need a fire cape service, but anyway, if you were to need one just hit me up, same regarding inferno, regardless of account game mode. 

Requirements: 40+ prayer | 45+ defence | 80+ range

$ Prices $

Fire cape 3m (unleast you want me to kill it with recoils)

Infernal cape 40m (will vary based on gear tier and stats)

*If you're an ironman i will definitely need you to meet some more requirements; 1-2 stamina potions, 100+ ruby bolts (e), ranging potions, super restore, brews, at least msb + amethyst arrows (or msb (e) + rune arrows). Will add preset example in near future.




- If you didn't carefully verified my discord ID (get ID), please don't complain about getting scammed. * You can find my contact information in the signature

- To request a service please message me on discord.

- I am free to cancel any service at any point in time, refunding ALWAYS 100% of the payment made.

- Up until 12 hours prior from service starting or at any point in-between the start and end i am free to pause it while informing you, range goes from 1-72 hrs in total depending on service duration. These will only add up when in scheduled time.

- The services offered in this thread will be delivered during a set schedule, discussed between me and the client. As the client, you are free to delay the service as much as you need, 1 hour before the time starts i will be contacting you either in-game or via discord, you can set this time by simply asking me to remind you x amount before and how many times via where.

- I only accept either donations to my name in zaros.io or in-game cash/items. As inflation and devaluation are a thing have in mind i can "update" the price to one that meets the initials offer value. If an in-game donation was to be refunded i will personally xfer to you via PAYPAL given amount, or with another in-game donation.

- You will be asked for a 60% of the payment for service to be given a start date, the 40% left will be asked for when at least 50% of the service is delivered or upon completion. Failing to abide this will result in you being reported, blacklisted from this thread AND me immediately stopping the service.

- If for any reason your account gets banned or jailed, i will not be refunding any payment unleast service hasn't started.

- Even though i only accept the requests i feel confident about, if i was to lose an account status for whatever reason i will only refund the payment made.

- In order to keep your account secure i will be working with 2fa code, feel free to ask otherwise (but also assume the risk). Please don't request a service if you don't have or are not willing to enable the 2fa security.


Services STATUS (open   soon   closed   realist friendly realist.png  IM | HCIM | ULTIM Thumbnail for version as of 14:08, 13 October 2014Hardcore ironman chat badge.png | Ultimate ironman chat badge.png )

Skilling      realist.png Thumbnail for version as of 14:08, 13 October 2014 Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Ultimate ironman chat badge.png

Pvming & Bossing               GWD ▉ Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Ultimate ironman chat badge.png

Minigames & Untrads               Guantlet / Corrupted ▉ Hardcore ironman chat badge.png

Capes               Fire ▉ Thumbnail for version as of 14:08, 13 October 2014 Ultimate ironman chat badge.png          Infernal ▉ Thumbnail for version as of 14:08, 13 October 2014 Ultimate ironman chat badge.png



Erno, Janna

☀ ☁  

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