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~ Knockout ~ Pure Clan


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~ Knockout ~

Knockout is a rsps based clan founded in 2019 on Vitality, and plan to make our reopening on Zaros, completely decimating any competition. As a clan, We have closed every clan that has tried to fuck with us, completely clearing out all aspects of the wilderness. We are the most destructive/coordinated multi clan. We originally opened as a main clan ~ a year ago but with the main scene being dead on Zaros we've decided to give pure clanning a shot. There was 2 other clans that recently opened up but we dont expect them to last long vs Knockout.

How to Apply

Knockout will only be accepting accepting experienced members, we have no room for dogs

Reach out to me on discord  ~ Bradyb#3646 ~ (copy and paste) or join the discord and apply through there


 Knockout discord:  https://discord.gg/uduhpZHz8Q



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