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Wilderness Update - Please have a look and react!


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1. How can we save the wilderness?

Since Wilderness is dead, I suggest to take a look into this and think about it. This might be a good idea. What I'm trying to reach here is that multiple spots in wilderness will be populated because there's an action way of making money there. Single combat or multi combat, every one will have It's treat. 

1.1 What are current Issues?

  1. Pking is not rewarding enough
  2. Supplies used for pking are too expensive
  3. Items obtained from wilderness are mass obtained throughout mystery boxes
  4. Any update related to PVP is based of multi teams/clans opinions

1.2 Is the wilderness not just 'dead' anyway?

Yes. I won't deny the fact that wilderness In general is quite dead. This doesn't mean we could give it some boosted rewards so we might have a chance. I think there's still room for boosts/suggestions to save this place. People still like Pking, the community is still here and at this moment in time, are dissapointed.

1.3 Can we fix issues stated above?

Yes we can. I will start explaining below what we can do to solve most issues, and actually bring life into the wilderness. This will be done by giving a lot of activities that there is to do a big boost. Multiple area's will be populated and worth doing.


2. The Mystery Box Issue

With the mystery box release, I was quite a fan of it. But looking at it now, I'm not happy about them. Some items in there have ruined the prices of certain items, making wilderness activities to obtain them purely useless. (for example: mage's book, master wand, black chinchompa's,... )

I suggest removing the following, and replacing them with something else.

  1. Black Chinchompa's
  2. Dragonstone bolts
  3. Food/Brews/other potions
  4. Master wand (replace with infinity pieces)
  5. Mage's Book (replace with infinity pieces)

Dragonstone bolts have now came into the game in big amounts throughout mystery boxes. The only way to obtain them should be bloodmoney, and ofcourse Vorkath. (Vorkath droptable is fucked, it should be like a 70% drop chance to receive the dragonstone bolts). You lose more money doing Vorkath on food/potions to protect yourself rather then It makes money.


3. Solving Issues 

3.1 Ferox Enclave Blood Money Exchange


The Bounty Hunter Store NPC OSRS currently has will wonder around this area, a minimap icon could be added to show players where It's currently at. This NPC could do different things, making this quite a interesting idea. 

A. Emblem Exchange

When completing a wilderness slayer task, you'll have a 50% chance to get your emblem you're bringing on task to upgrade. On every upgrade you'll be able to exchange it to this NPC for a certain amount of blood money.

  • Tier 1 -> Obtained from the NPC after a short introduction for 50k gold.
  • Tier 2 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 50 blood money
  • Tier 3 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 60 blood money
  • Tier 4 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 75 blood money
  • Tier 5 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 90 blood money
  • Tier 6 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 110 blood money
  • Tier 7 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 150 blood money
  • Tier 8 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 175 blood money
  • Tier 9 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 250 blood money
  • Tier 10 -> Obtained after upgrade from wilderness slayer task (50% chance) -> Exchanges for 500 blood money

This looks very rewarding, but if you do the calculations, it would take a avarage of 18 slayer tasks in wilderness to get to the tier 10 with 50% successrate.



B. Wilderness Items (W) Exchange

A lot of items that are obtained throughout the wilderness are quite useless now. I think It's time for change and hereby suggest the following. All items listen here will be obtained in their own version when obtained from wilderness only. So existing versions won't have the (W) version. This way every single one of these, will have value compared to the worthless regular obtained ones (mostly from mystery boxes). These items could be exchanged at the NPC at Ferox Enclave for blood money. This way we can actually have people making money in the wilderness. Also other spots for mining ores will result in the same item (w), If the location you mined them was In the Wilderness!

  1. Black Chinchompa's (W) -> 2 Blood Money
  2. Black Salamander (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  3. Dragon Bones (W)-> 2 Blood Money
  4. Coin Caskets (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  5. Yew Logs (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  6. Magic Logs (W)-> 2 Blood Money
  7. Raw Dark Crab (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  8. Runite Ore (W)-> 2 Blood Money
  9. Coal (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  10. Iron Ore (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  11. Gold Ore (W)-> 1 Blood Money
  12. Adamant Ore (W)-> 2 Blood Money

4. Coin Caskets (W) -> These will be obtained from a new 'costum' NPC that will be placed within the pirates at the Pirate's Hideout. They will have no thieving level required to pickpocket, but the higher level you have, the slighter chances you'll have of being stunned/caught. There will be no maximum of 28 you'll be able to get, you could get endless amounts, but ofcourse, watch out for possible hunters chasing you down for your profits!


C. God Book Fixing/ Imbueing God Capes

C.1. When you use a empty god book you obtained from edgeville, you'll be given the option to turn it into a god book (W). This book will be lost on death, and 20.000 gold will be placed in the loot pile as a reward for the guy that has killed you. This feature won't come for free, the Bounty Hunter NPC will charge you a fee of 20 bloodmoney to get a new book, after you got a normal one from Jossik ofcourse. This way god books can actually be used, and are usefull, because obtaining all pages + using a trouver parchment is really expensive for what It actually is.

C.2. When you use a regular god cape on the bounty hunter NPC, you'll get a option to imbue it for a price of 25 blood money. This makes people actually bring it while PKing aswell. Upon death, the cape would be lost, and the player that has killed you will receive 25 blood money in the loot pile.




3.2 Muddy Key / Muddy Chest 

When killing any monster in the wilderness, you'll have a chance to receive the Muddy Key. This will be based of 2 things, the NPC's combat level & If you're on slayer task or not. When on slayer task the chance of obtaining one would be doubled. Ankou's at cemetry would have a 'unique higher chance' of obtaining the Muddy Key, just because the location they're at should be a more populated area!



Possible drops?

  1. Noted saradomin brews (4)
  2. Noted sanfew serums (4)
  3. Noted Anglerfish 
  4. Noted Dark Crabs
  5. Blood Money
  6. Ancient Sacks
  7.  Teleport Sacks
  8. Entangle Sacks
  9. Black Chinchompa's (W)
  10. Black Salamander's (W)
  11. Yew Logs (W)
  12. Magic Logs (W)
  13. Iron/Coal/Gold/Adamant/Runite Ore (W)
  14. Random Mysterious Emblem (1-4)
  15. VERY SLIM chance of obtaining one of the PVP weapons
  16. VERY SLIM chance of obtaining one of the revenant wilderness weapons
  17. VERY SLIM chance of obtaining a Mage's book/Master wand
  18. VERY SLIM chance of obtaining Elder Chaos Robes/Infinity Pieces




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The main reason I can provide support for this is because it's wilderness content that should further encourage wilderness activity, but isn't simply just trying to force players with no interest in PvP into PvP situations.

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Pretty good ideas any suggestions for the wilderness will help it in it's current state, check out my thread I just posted with some pretty good suggestions the owner said they will be added so thats a good thing for us 🙂

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I don't see how doing 18 wildy slayer tasks, which if you play RS or this game know that it takes multiple hours to do, for 250 black chins/ 500 mage logs/ 500 yew logs, will revive the wildy lol. You yourself said pots/food is expensive as fuck, yet you don't give a solution to this problem. Maybe edit your suggestions; make it that every slayer task gives you 50 brews & 25 restores, make slayer monsters drop blood money, or make all monsters in wildy drop blood money regardless, with a rate that a PKer should kill them for 3 hours and have enough to pk for 1 week. 

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