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Broadcast Message Toggleable


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I believe we all should have the ability to toggle rather to see broadcast message or not. I don't wanna see broadcast message, it can get annoy and very unnecessary in my opinion. I don't wanna see a drop from dagannoth king that drops dragon axes every 5 minutes or so. Being able to toggle rather to see broadcast message should be a toggleable option towards the players. Sure, we can turn off game box to remove the broadcast message but that would ruin some of your benefit like, an untradeable drop, slayer casket, etc. It would be great to add toggleable broadcast message to the game. It's not much of a difference but broadcast message can be annoying, especially drops broadcast. Tell me what you guys think I wanna know you guys opinion about this.


This isn't RuneScape 3 but in RuneScape 3, there's broadcast message and you can have the ability to turn off broadcast message if you want to.


If you don't know what broadcast message is then it's simply a drop message

Example: "Player1456 has received a Heron pet from a Fishing Level of 89!"

Yeah annoy

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