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Wilderness Activity Improvement Ideas/Suggestions

Metal Raimon

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I figured there were quite a few things that could be improved to the wilderness in order to buff the activity of it. A lot of players don't find entering the wilderness worth it at all and I cannot say I disagree.
With that being said I tried to think of a few solutions of my own, not just to buff Pker vs Pvmer bait type content, but also actual pker vs pker.

1. Wilderness slayer.
I think we can all agree wilderness slayer is not worth it at the moment what so ever. My idea for this would be as followed:

- Super Slayer Caskets. These caskets work similiar to the regular ones, with a few improvemed loots
> They are only dropped when killing NPC's on your slayer task inside the wilderness.
> The loot from them is slightly increased. Nothing too crazy in terms of cash, but perhaps a few items can be added on a more common->rare chance such as:
1. Random amounts of blood money. Perhaps a common/uncommon/rare/very rare, each varying in amounts gained.
2. Barrows repair scrolls. With barrow repair prices being almost the same as the cost of actual items I don't see a lot of common pking practises being worth it right now, such as dharok vs dharok fights. Why bother pking a DH set when you spend almost the entire price of a DH set to repair it? Instead these caskets have a chance to give an *untradable* repair scroll, at an uncommon rate, that can repair 1 piece per scroll. 
3. Blighted supplies such as super restores, brews, anglerfish etc. This would have to be balanced well enough so that it doesn't impact LMS too heavily, but since they are supplies I'd assume they get used up consistently. The reasoning behind it being blighted rather than regular is that, since it's obtained from a wilderness related activity, it supplies you to do more things inside the wilderness.

Some side notes for these caskets:
- Droprate should be influenced by the hitpoints and/or combat level of the NPC killed. 100 callistos should yield more caskets than 100 ankous.
- The ring of wealth should *NOT* auto bank these caskets. Instead it'll be auto-looted to your inventory.

2. Target system (AKA bounty hunter)
Seems obvious and I think it's been suggested plenty of times but I don't feel like I can post this without mentioning BH.
Killing targets should give you increased amounts of blood money in comparison to a non target kill, as well as the tier system we all know and love to level up emblems. 
A BH shop at home in turn can sell items for traded in emblems. Perhaps some wilderness related items can be added to the store at a high price (in order to not devalue them much in comparison to obtaining them normally), such as a dragon pickaxe or revenant weapons. That way you'd still obtain said items from the wilderness, just through different methods. 

Additional but up for discussion: 
I don't think it'd be a bad idea if target kills have a chance to give PvP caskets that have seperate loots from common items/coins to rare drops. Of course this should not include items like an AGS or dragon claws, but more so along the lines of a rare whip or dharok's set. The barrow repair scrolls could also be included in these, or to the BH shop. 

3. Singles+ World Boss.
Instead of having a world boss spawn inside of multi areas only where clans can completely dominate, I think either occasional spawns, or a seperate wildy boss, would be nice to have in a single way area. What this means is that everyone can attack the boss and the boss attacks everyone back, but players can only attack other players 1 at a time. Of course there is a required amount of damage you have to do to the boss in order to receive a drop and all of that. Perhaps even make it so that players get a 1 minute teleblock when fighting him. 
Having the boss shift between multi area spawns and single area spawns could most likely bring quite a bit of livelihood to the wilderness as more players feel inclined to try it out.

4. Additional Boss Drops.
I think there's a few bosses inside the wildy that deserve a little bit of extra love in their drop table. I don't think the odium or malediction ward are bad by any means, but at the same time there's not that much intention for players to go for these items when similiar things are available for far less effort (even if wards are better). Adding something like blood money drops or some sort of wilderness casket with loot would probally be worthwhile as far as I am concerned. 
This only applies to the ones INSIDE the wilderness, not things to get to by entering the wilderness such as the KBD. In particulair the chaos fanatic, crazy archeologist and scorpia could use a little bit of extra love here. 

5. PvP Challenge Master (new npc + system)
A new NPC would be added to edgeville which can give PvP related challenge tasks. 
He would basically give you a task for special points to use in his shop - or it would just give additional bounty hunter points upon completion. 
Once you're assigned a task you can have up to 2 more free skips before you're set on the task you have at that point. Perhaps it could be made possible to use bounty hunter points for additional skips. 
Every task has a given time frame in which you have to complete it, and it must be completed by killing targets. Finishing multiple tasks will start a "task streak". The higher this increases, the more BH points you'll receive per task (f.e +1% per task completed). Running out of time on a task before completing it however, will reset your streak. Skipping a task, whether it be a free skip or point skip, does not.
Some potential tasks to add:
- Kill 2-4 targets (at random) while equipping ... (a dharok's set/monk's robes/ahrim robes/black d'hide/full veracs/no platebody or legs/etc. etc.) within (6 minutes x amount of kills)
- Kill 2-5 targets while dealing your finishing blow with a... (2H weapon/a dharok's greataxe/a special attack/a magic spell/a crossbow/etc)
- Kill 1-3 targets while... (red skulled/not using any prayers/not using any special attacks/while on the normal spellbook/etc)

I think a lot of variation and difficulty could be given here to make it challenging yet rewarding. The amount of points rewarded to you are also influenced by the amount of kills assigned.
Something like (Base points X Kills in task X Task streak) and base points being a variable based on the type of task difficulty (red skull task would be harder than getting a kill in dharoks for example).

All together just some ideas I personally think could work well with Zaros. While the 5th one is a bit more on the "odd" side you could consider it OSRS based on the challenges they added to the game in their BH rework. Although that whole rework was trash and didn't work out well in the end, I think tweaking it in a different way could work out extremely well.

Last but not least something small:
- Make killstreaks influence blood money gain more based on the amount of kills. Like +2.5% per +5 kills on the streak.
- Add bounties to those on a streak, rewarding a player when ending someones bounty (-killstreak)

All with all nothing is set in stone here. I hope some nice discussion can come out of this for potential improvements!

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40 minutes ago, Im HC said:

+1 to all of this I agree, except I think the wildy slayer caskets should be the exact same drops as regular slayer caskets just 2x the loot 

unless "opened inside the wildy" type of rule is applied it'd still require a seperate item ID to work either way. I think having BM or some supplies in the mix would really up the "wanting to go wildy slayer" as a whole

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11 hours ago, Vibe said:

The lag needs fixed. Risk fighting, dh pking etc is awful because of the constant lag and delays

I generally never lag but if you want to complain about those type of issues you go to bug reports, not suggestion. Doing it here aids nothing what so ever.

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