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Pure community/NH pking


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So someone named No_name_kid9 posted a few days ago about the thought of a pure clan I personally think Pure clans are dead and the community got small once "nh pking" became the meta. If you go on OSRS the term "nh pking" has just became "bridding." So a style of pking that was mainly used in pure pking became the meta for every combat bracket therefore increasing the chances of bank the higher the cb bracket which started to kill it out. It is still there but not as active and prevalent as it once was. So the whole pure clans based on NH pking basically claiming "we are the bad guys" have no place in modern RSPS or OSRS. I do feel like having a pure community would create a lot of toxicity, but... It would be a great way to build a competitive pking scene while everyone is maxing and grinding for gear. They are cheap and low effort to make and easy to maintain. It would also help the economy due to pking supplies more in demand with the increase of mini wars or massings on the weekends. I really 100% think that the pure clan community is needed. So if anyone has graphic skill and a lot of free time I see pures skilling all the time. I 100% believe whoever opens the very first pure clan like a serious one on this server is going to blow up and it gives mains and meds a reason to go out and hunt these pure clans. I 100% believe that a pure community would create an extremely active wilderness. Worst case scenerio its main bridding deep wild and dhers at edgeville which is fine but the same thing almost every active server offers. In 2009 until about 2013 I want to say there was 3 notable very very active servers who I wont name because I think 2 of them are still up. But had actual RS clans coming and messing around on these RSPS. I think the only risk for a negative is the server will become more pvp based rather than balanced playstyle wise.  I don't know maybe its just nostalgia 



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