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Xerics Talisman & Lizardman Fangs QoL


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Currently Xerics Talismans cannot be charged (stays inert, 'nothing interesting happens' when using lizardman fangs on the talisman, checking it shows it has 1000 charges, but no teleport options are shown). Lizardman fangs can't be used on the talisman nor sold to the shop, so both of the items have no use outside of wearing the unusable Xerics Talisman for fashionscape (?). The talismans are also currently only obtainable from lizardman shamans as a rare drop since normal lizardmen/brutes droptables and stone chests haven't been coded. 

Proposed changes would be to make the talisman usable and lizardman fangs sellable to shop.

The most useful thing to come with this change would be a close teleport to the Hosidius herb/allotment farming patch with Xeric's Glade tele and closer teleport to brutal black dragons at Kourend with Xeric's Inferno tele.

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