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Reduce Costs All Around


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As nice of a gold sink this is, this early in the game it is very expensive for players to repair their barrows items. With prices so expensive it kills any pvp content for the most part with this gear. Pking a dh set or someone in max used to be rewarding, now you barely profit with how expensive it costs to repair and the supplies used during the fight.  With reduced barrows prices it would make edge pking more active because it would be worth it along with pking throughout the wilderness in general. 

Construction Butler-

Don't see a reason butler's cost so much seeing as con is already outrageous. 

Zammy Spear/Hasta-

It currently cost 5m to swap between a hasta and spear, meanwhile costs 300k or 150k with diaries on osrs. I get its a gold sink but 5m is a bit pricey. Spear is roughly around 15m and costs 1/3 just to swap it back and forth. 

Pet Insurance-

Again, a nice way to implement a gold sink but 5m to insure a pet and I've heard 10m to reclaim. 

Early on I think it would be nice to reduce these amounts some while everyone is still getting on their feet. Then maybe increase them later on when more gp is in the economy. Wouldn't be that hard to change a few amounts or take too much dev time. 

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