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Will I need a forum account to play Zaros?

  • You will need to register an account to play Zaros, you won't simply be able to login with any username and password like some other RSPS. Register your username now, use a different password to any other website or RSPS as there are so many leaked databases available!


Is this server 317 & will it have stuff like Summoning & Dungeoneering?

  • No, this server is using the OSRS client and will only feature content from Oldschool Runescape.


What type of server will this be? PK server, eco server or what?

  • This server will be built to have a nice economy, you won't be able to spawn your stats or items. We hope to accommodate pkers through enjoyable and rewarding content in the wilderness but our primary focus is to build a balanced game that is suited to the majority rather than limiting ourselves to a minority.


What game modes & exp rates will Zaros have?


Keep in mind these could still change before launch.


How many players will be able to be in each group ironman?

  • Group ironmen will be able to have up to 5 members however you can still make groups with less. Group ironmen will be able to trade and interact with other members in their group.


Will this server have a mobile client?

  • Yes, however this will only be available on Android devices.


Will this server sell BIS items in the store?

  • No. However we do need our store to be appealing so people will spend money as it's very expensive to run a top server, by the time we launch I estimate we would of spent over $50,000 on development and marketing which is not cheap. With that said we will never sell the best items ingame for example twisted bow & scythe of vitur, these items will only ever be obtainable ingame from their respective activities. We want items to be worthwhile and not for everyone with a credit card running around in the best gear on the first week of launch. We do need the server to be able to sustain itself so we're not like all those other RSPS i'm sure you've tried that has died after 2 weeks so we'll try to have a store that doesn't devalue the content of Zaros to much.


Will this server have a deadman mode?

  • Yes we just launched DMM! Please check here: 


Will clans be given free stuff, such as max sets to pk with?

No, we will not spawn in any free items for anyone.

I understand a lot of people have some concerns and questions regarding Ikov, my other RSPS. I'll try to clear up some stuff. If you haven't played Ikov or care about it then the following is irrelevant, you won't need to worry about it.

For those who don't know, I run the current biggest RSPS Ikov along with Spooky and Zaros will be our second server.


Is this server the same source as Ikov?

  • No, this is a completely different code base.


Can we get our donator ranks from Ikov on Zaros?

  • No, this is a completely seperate server. The only thing being related is the fact me & Spooky own them both.


Can I transfer/swap items from Ikov to Zaros?

  • No. Ikov & Zaros are separate servers and those caught trading gold/items from one game to the other will be punished under the RWT rule.


Will Ikov now have less updates because of Zaros?

  • No, we have hired and built a new development team just for Zaros so that Ikov will not suffer. Professor Oak/Lucas is here to help with a few bits but will be mainly focused on Ikov other than to lend a hand here and there. We plan to have each server to run on their own and not rely on the other in any way.


Will Ikov have less advertisements because of Zaros?

  • Some of the adverts will rotate between both servers but we will be investing a lot more money into advertisements for both servers, we believe both servers will compensate a lot from this and Ikov won't take a negative hit. I have worked on Ikov for the last 8 years and it is my pride and joy, I will continue to do everything to ensure it continues to grow.


I'm banned on Ikov, will I be able to play Zaros?

  • Like I previously mentioned, Ikov and Zaros are completely seperate servers. Your status at Ikov will not effect your Zaros account, so therefore you will be able to play however I'd like to remind you that we don't tolerate rule-breakers and if you are caught again on Zaros to expect the same treatment.



Zaros Administration.

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