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Snow Cone

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Welcome fellow Zaros Weebs! We are a unique community of rainbow colored flavored personalities, men and women of culture, the FINEST WEEBS OF THE WEEBS!

If you enjoy anime or hentai, or want to make weeb friends pls join my discord!!!!!!!



Why join the weeb alliance? 

* because we are nerds

* you can be weird

* you will be moe moe!!


What is your clan about?

* We are on a mission to show how great the weebs really can be, FK THE NORMIES

* We will be pvming AND pking together!

* We will look out for each other


How to join:

Add snow cone#4683 for invite

Brigada s.o.s haruhi suzumiya | Neko Mimi Mode | Flickr


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Rem's Smile - Imgur

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