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Auto Yell


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So as we all have witnessed, theres a lot of people who seem to love getting angry at our Youtubers autotyped advertisements. I propose we implement an auto-yell feature, with the option to enable and disable them as we please.

Yeah, I know we could just use our handy dandy ignore lists but it seems like people really don't want to utilize their 400 available slots.


No public autochats though pls.

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4 hours ago, Vcx said:


Ignoring someone also disables you seeing their yell

You keep sharing this to these suggestions and it doesn't even help lmao. This has nothing to do with what they are talking about. That disables yell completely. They are talking about letting people auto-yell and being able to filter auto-yells off so they can still see the yells that are autochat. 

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