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99 Prayer (350%+ XP)


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Today i'm introducing RuneList's 99 Prayer house.
Do you want to get 350% Prayer Experience? 
Do you want to get like 28k XP per bone?
Then my Player Owned House (POH) is your place to be..

Im online almost every day for like 4-12 hours.
Join my house when i'm online, and join cc "MyHouse" to check availability.


How does this work?

1. Buy or get any type of bones (Dragon bones for example)
2. Go to the house portal, south edgeville.
3. Join house of a friend "RuneList" or use the house advertisement


4. Use the bones on the altar if both burners are lit
5. Get rewarded with insane XP!

How about the costs? 
Other then the costs for the bones this service/guide is tottaly free!
You are allowed to tip me though, this can be done by trading me or using the tip jar!

Tip: make use of the Menu Entry Swapper to left click bones!

Thanks ! 

Edited by RuneList

Kindly Regards,
Sander (RuneList)

Join Discord:


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  • RuneList changed the title to 99 Prayer (350%+ XP)
  • 5 months later...
5 hours ago, Lasanyer said:

If you see me online, dm me and u can use my house if u need it

Added a while ago today. Not sure if you’ve been on or if private chat is Friends or anything. 🙂

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17 minutes ago, Lasanyer said:

Wasnt ta home yesterday, will be online in like 2 hours and play the entire day

Ah, different timezones. I am about to AFK or logout now. 1AM my time, been on 17hrs, haha.

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