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Zaros Updates - The Theatre of Blood! [18/12/2020]


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The Theatre of Blood

Towards the east of Gielinor, located within the Sanguinesti region, is Ver Sinhaza. Once the home of Queen Efaritay, it is now ruled over by Verzik Vitur, head of the Vitur family and one of the few true-born vampyres on Gielinor. For millennia, Lady Verzik has commanded an army of vampyres whom she has not only used to do her biddings, but also provide her with on-demand entertainment. It didn't take long before this became tiresome, and so she instructed her followers to create a gauntlet filled with some of the strongest warriors, creations and creatures. This is what we call today the Theatre of Blood.

+ Changes and Additions

- You can now access the Trollheim Herb patch, and this patch is now disease-free
- Mithril Seeds have had their prices cut in half, and made untradeable
- Moderators and Administrators now have the ability to clear farming patches for you if you have any bugged ones left over from an update we made prior. If your patch is in a state it shouldn't be, contact a staff member
- Empty and Water Filled Vials now sell in packs at the Herblore store
- You will now get more Giant Seaweed based on your farming level, as well as the appropriate amount of experience
- You can now use the Ivandis' Flail to harvest Mort Myre Fungi
- You can now make, and use Compost Potions
- You can now burn giant seaweed, provided you have the inventory space to do so
- You can now use the Humidify spell to water your saplings

+ PvP Changes

- The cost to repair barrows has been reduced by 50%
- Larran's Key drop table has received a buff, adding better supplies

+ Other bug fixes

- Fixed issues with the Tool Leprechaun storage, including not saving your buckets, spades and trowels
- Fixed an issue with Vasa Nistirio's special attack targeting dead players
- Fixed an issue with Vasa Nistirio boulders damaging you as you were teleported for the special attack
- Hardwood Squirrels (Fossil Island farming patches) will now only move in a radius of 2 squares
- Plant Pot Packs should now give the right filled plant pots for farming
- The Maxed announcement should now come after the 99 announcement
- Fixed an issue with the Belladonna patch over-growing
- Fixed an issue with Giant Seaweed over-growing, if your patch is still in a diseased state, use a spade on it or contact a staff member
- Fixed an issue with Redwood Trees not giving only clue nests
- You can now climb up the ladder of a Redwood Tree that you've grown
- Fixed an issue with the Piscatoris Monkfish achievement
- Fixed an issue where you could grind items without a Pestle and Mortar
- Fixed an issue with Arclight not working on some black demons

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