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Gold Nuggets - MLM


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Support, even at 117m mining xp the rate of nuggets is ass depositing a full sack of 250 should give you more then 5 highest I've seen from a full deposit is 12, also why isn't the "bag full of gems" in Percy's Nugget Store?

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If I remember correctly there’s a slight problem that if you let all the payloads build up and collect at the end, you get the nuggets as if it was for 1 payload instead of the maximum amount.

I worked this out being a donator and getting 2-3 nuggets for 8 loads of rocks.


I then tried out collecting my payload after each time I loaded it and more or less got nuggets each time for a single load. So think it needs to be reported to bugs if it’s not an issue that’s already been resolved.

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