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Gambling clan [No Regret]!

No Regret

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Hi guys here i finally am back again! after hosting so many pots on different servers i decided to open my gamble clan on Zaros!


A9Pe47Q.png Recruit A9Pe47Q.png -

dUypXXs.png Corporal dUypXXs.png -

8nUnKqP.png Sergeant 8nUnKqP.png -

P1YoE0k.png Lieutenant P1YoE0k.png -

g3rlZFy.png Captain g3rlZFy.png -

iDpJEWF.png General iDpJEWF.png -



A9Pe47Q.png Recruit A9Pe47Q.png - Max bet received 100M (Max Pot 200M)

dUypXXs.png Corporal dUypXXs.png - Max bet received 200M (Max Pot 400M)

8nUnKqP.png Sergeant 8nUnKqP.png - Max bet received 500M (Max Pot 1000M)

P1YoE0k.png Lieutenant P1YoE0k.png - Max bet received 1250M (Max Pot 2500M)

g3rlZFy.png Captain g3rlZFy.png - Max bet received 2500M (Max Pot 5000M)

iDpJEWF.png General iDpJEWF.png - Max bet received (UNLIMITED)


  Reveal hidden contents


  Reveal hidden contents


VKphAgT.png Owner VKphAgT.png

No Regret

iDpJEWF.png General iDpJEWF.png

g3rlZFy.png Captain g3rlZFy.png

P1YoE0k.png Lieutenant P1YoE0k.png


8nUnKqP.png Sergeant 8nUnKqP.png

dUypXXs.png Corporal dUypXXs.png

A9Pe47Q.png Recruit A9Pe47Q.png


(Last and most certainly not least have fun gambling and make sure you gamble responsible)

Wanna buy a rank? pm: No Regret!


Only gamble against ranked people!!!!!!!


Join our official discord: https://discord.gg/wEfWqcGu


Make sure u are always Recording ur gambling bets! Pm [No Regret] with proof if ever something will happen. I will take care of it ;)! 


Goodluck in gambling guys!

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