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Holy Cherrys' Infernal Service [Holy#5002]

Holy Cherrys

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Hello folks. I run a fairly well known Infernal service on the main game (the first in the game in fact). Few of my past customers have made me aware of Zaros. Thus I am offering capes on this server. They can be remoted like on the main game if you do not wish to provide your account credentials.

Over 10+ capes done on this server.



My Discord credentials are: "Holy#5002" + UID: "327403654183387138"   😃


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This amazing human being did my inferno cape with scuffed gear. The cape was done remotely so no need to exchange passwords or login!
He did it first try, his skill is amazing. 

He's also very friendly, and helps you to prepare for the fight! If you are looking for someone to do your cape, this is the guy!

Many thanks ❤️

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Realism GIM Group: Boeie

IGN: CuziiMusic

Feel free to PM! 🙂 

Interested in my music? Latest work in progress here!



Happy Grinding Scapers!

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  • Holy Cherrys changed the title to Holy Cherrys' Infernal Service [Holy#5002]

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