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Server Support Guidelines & Format


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Responsibilities & Duties

  • Server Supports work alongside with Moderators by helping players at their level best. While their job is so simple, a strong server support team makes a great difference for the server.



Failure to follow these guidelines and format will result in being declined instantly.

  • Members must have 2 days in-game playtime to apply.
  • Members must not bring an application towards any member for a vouch, support, look-over, etc.
  • Members must wait a week before posting another application after declined.
  • Members must have a discord to communicate.
  • Members must not have outstanding or serious infractions on their account.
  • Members must not bring a declined application to the administration team or another member of staff.




Time played (Full client screenshot): 
Any past staff experience(s)?:

What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?: 
Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: 


Good luck and we look forward hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Zaros Administration 

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