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Player Owned Houses


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Hey, I have completed building my house in game.

After completion of building my POH I have trailed a few things within the house and have found multiple bugs within it and was wondering if we could get them fixed, here is a few;


Unable to Kick players from house / Could we have an option that people who are ignored cannot join that players house?


Boxing Ring  - Unable to jump into the ring.

Dungeons - NPC's spawn as objects and don't move or interact, Fire pit and other traps don't work. https://gyazo.com/750b7003cb0134045f63738dd310e00f

Dungeon Doors - Still shows building option in dungeon. https://gyazo.com/33120583c9d9822230203d843369859a

Throne Room - Trap Floor doesn't work ( Unable to build)

Jewellery Box - Unable to build past the first available. 

Rooms - Door bug out in some rooms https://gyazo.com/d78daf145fc2fd55a2495a73a94365fc

Combat Dummy - Cant attach the dummy


House portal - Can't leave house sometimes the portal bugs


It would be nice to see these small bits of content fixed and added


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