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Please Read! mostly ironman suggestions


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  • allow for the carpenter's outfit to be stored in POH. Every other skilling outfit is storable besides the construction one.
  •  Add NMZ to allow ironmen to imbue rings.  Currently, there is no way for ironmen to imbue rings such as dk rings or ring of suffering
  • change the decantation menu to the OSRS grand exchange decanter style.  As a UIM myself, its very frustrating having to drop potions every time you cant make it into a full 4 dose. it may seem small, but it adds up over time.
  • allow for ALL clue uniques to be stored in the POH.  currently, the only storable clue uniques are the top-tier drops.  Storing blessed dhide is essential for UIM.
  • change task weights to osrs weighting system. Neive: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Nieve/Slayer_assignments   Konar: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Konar_quo_Maten
  • implement the Weiss farming patch
  • add the Molch dungeon Lizardman Shamans
  • add Kourend to city teleports. yes you can teleport to the catacombs and go up the ladder, but that is very inefficient when teleporting to Kourend over and over
  • NPC in catacombs of kourend (bloodvelds, nechraeyl, and dust devils) are not stackable for barraging
  • make rune pouch and bolt pouch not lost on death
  • either buff the numulite drops on fossil island or make the ancient wyvern shield require less than 25k numulite to fully charge
  • fix fertile soil spell on mobile as it currently does not work
  • fix delay with switching and drops appearing on ground
  • fix bug that doesnt allow you to go to Crab Claw island (sand crabs) even if you are a ruby donator 
  • add birdhouse and farming plugin to have a timer to show you when your patches/birdhouses will be ready.  yes their are messages to tell you when birdhouses are ready to harvest, but they are dark purple with black text for everything else.  kinda hard to see
  • adjust the time the undead spawn hits you during a vorkath fight. it currently hits between 1 and 2 ticks early
  • add the multi-combat area for demonic gorillas
  • Code Mage Training Arena. as a UIM, and im sure i can speak for most hardcores/HC elites when i say that having battlemages drop infinity pieces/master wands/mages books makes them unachievable.  
  • allow for bracelets of slaughter to be made/bought from slayer store.  currently i do not believe there is a way for anyone to obtain them
  • at least double the shop stock of blood and death runes or increase the respawn rate of them.  in osrs you can buy 250 of each blood and death, but you can hop between 30 worlds and never worry about a shop being out of stock.  with only 2 worlds, acquiring blood and death runes shouldnt be more challenging than osrs
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2 hours ago, Im HC said:

Great ideas, fully support all of these except the sand crabs area I think that may be a donator island and why ruby donators cant go there but not 100% sure.

correct, but even as a donator myself i cannot access the island

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