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Myth's Guild: My Compiled List of Rework Ideas

Iron Elf

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Please do anything at all with the Myth's Guild. It currently lacks unique content of any sort. For those unaware, here's the rundown on the current state of the guild:


The Myth's Guild currently requires 50 Vorkath Kills and 10M GP to enter. Considering that's unique to the server, you'd think it'd grant you access to something out of the ordinary. It does not.

It currently offers:

  1. An out-of-your-way altar to recharge prayer. Home already has this.
  2. A bank next to a range. Rogue's Den exists.
  3. A shop that sells vials of water and eye of newt. ..?
  4. A dungeon with some Baby dragons and Green/Blue adult dragons Dead content
  5. An NPC that can enable auto-smash vials This is already in the game settings
  6. A shop that sells a couple low-tier dragon weapons, notably the Battleaxe Anyone who's killed 50 vorkath likely already has a few of these

This clearly needs reconstruction, to say the least

Here are some of my thought up suggestions. I'm going to HEAVILY and EXPLICITLY state that I do not wish for this all to be considered. This is simply a compiled list of possibilities. 

The Dungeon:

The first route: Combat: All of the following require the clearing out of the 'dungeon' area by removing the dragons/ogres and opening up the bridge: 

  1. Add an event boss for the server to take down. Spawns every 2 or 3 hours on the hour. A lot of HP, not a lot of damage. (Think: The rabbit with super high HP in Prifddinas). Make the drop system similar to Zalcano, where the top 10 or 15 damage dealers get a roll on the table. The loot table could include items that shouldn't only be accessible through the donations store (Ice gloves, Goldsmith Gauntlets, Magic Secauters, Ash Covered Tome, etc.), high-tier bulk Skilling Supplies (herbs/secondaries, fruit tree seeds, tree seeds, raw fish, planks, noted Daeyalt essence, etc), possibly already-completed clue caskets, mystery boxes, the options are endless
  2. Add monsters that are currently heavily contested elsewhere, such as shamans and demonic gorillas
  3. Maniacal Monkeys for whatever reason, I think it'd be a nice addition
  4. A combination of any of the above options

The second route: SkillingPossibly with boosted benefits such as the chance of supplies being either banked, noted, or doubled. This chance rate could be based on % of achievements done, total level, total XP, loyalty, whatever

  1. Fishing: Anglers, Dark Crabs, Karambwams, less-afk minnows
  2. Woodcutting: Redwoods, Teaks, Mahoganies, Magics
  3. Mining: Daeyalt Essence, Runite Ore, Amethyst, granite, Gem Rocks
  4. Runecrafting: A ZMI-style altar that gives more double the runes (Not double the XP)
  5. Hunter: Black Chins, Red Chins
  6. Thieving: An alternative option is needed. The entrance fee here will make the place bot-free.
  7. Firemaking: A never-ending bonfire (Much like the braziers at Wintertodt)
  8. Farming: Disease-free herb patch (Maybe on the top floor of the guild instead?)

The options are endless. I could go more into detail with these, alongside some other possibilities if this gains any traction.



  1. A "Skilling-slayer" NPC. Talk to a guy, get a task to: Chop X logs, Fish X fish, Fletch X bows, etc. and return them to him. One reward system includes a slayer rewards type shop. You get points and can spend them in his shop. Another system is to roll on a drop table and get a random drop in return. Can include skilling pets, outfit pieces, bulk supplies, etc.
  2. An item-imbuing shop. This would fix the problem of ironmen not being able to imbue their equipment.
  3. A shop with absurdly high values that can act as an alternative to doing certain ironman content, such as barrows gear for like 10m a piece (It's awful being hundreds dry when you're going for a single item). Void, Torso, Skilling Outfit pieces, Dragon Tools, Infinity, Crystal Tool/Weapon Seeds, and donator-only items (Ice Gloves, Goldsmith Gauntlets, Magic Secauters, Ash Covered Tome) are all possibilities. Emphasis on the absurdly high price for this shop. Great money sink for content that won't hurt the economy.
  4. Much like the previous option, a shop with skilling supplies for prices that make you really consider if it's worth the GP grind to buy. Adamant Bars, Magic Logs, Raw Sharks, Red Chins, Molten Glass, etc. More emphasis here on the high item prices. 
  5. An additional rune shop, specifically for combination runes and an extra place to buy end-game runes (Wrath, Soul, Blood, etc.)
  6. An NPC that sells you the ability to change your respawn location/home teleport location
  7. A tanner


  1. Disease-free herb patch on the top floor.
  2. Make the altar a gilded altar with global incense burners. Could pay a fee, such as 1M, for 15 minutes of burner effects that effect the entire server. 
  3. A well of goodwill. Items and GP donated accumulate and grant the server a global boost (XP, pet droprate, whatever) for X amount of time when it hits Y amount of wealth.

Last but not least, the entrance fee:

The entrance fee just doesn't make sense. If you want an area to be restricted/unlockable content, here are some alternatives:

Reworking the Guild Type:

Currently, 50 vorkath kills is a weird requirement. This needs to be changed.

  1. Max Guild. This is by far my most recommended option. This allows a lot of the above to be considered real possibilities. Once maxed, you SHOULD unlock more content. If you're aiming for 200m skills, some of this can most definitely make your grind easier. If a new player hears about this guild, they'll be much, much more determined to aim for max. This leads to them inviting their friends, increasing the chance of them donating, etc.
  2. Achievement's Guild. This server places a lot of importance on the achievement diaries. Make this guild accessible at something like 65 or 70%.
  3. Skilling Hub. I'm not too sure what types of requirements could be met for this one. Maybe a certain amount of supplies you need to gather yourself, or 99 in every non-combat skill
  4. Combat Hub. This is along the lines of the pre-existing 50 vorkath kill requirement. Push this idea further. 1000 total boss kills, including 50 of some bosses, such as the GWD generals, Zulrah, Vorkath, Giant Mole, Cerberus, Kraken, Thermy, Kalphite Queen. This incentivizes doing more in game content and being a more active player. 

The Monetary Value:

No bullet points for this one! Just wanted to express that the 10M GP value should be changed according to the rework, if one were to happen. If this were an end game max guild, for example, 10m would be far too low, I'd set it at 100m. Make this a real, dedicated grind to work towards that isn't easily unlocked.


Once again, I am going to state that this is by no means a list of everything that should be added to the guild. This is a list of possibilities. Regardless, the guild NEEDS a rework and there are so many great opportunities for it. If this does gain popularity, I happily volunteer to construct different outcomes (Which NPCs and where they should go, what to do with the dungeon, entry requirements)

Thanks for reading,

Iron Elf

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I would mind Myths guild becoming a hub for 'Max Players' as this would be a really cool idea.

However we don't want to make it too op due to donator zones, people won't donate if this free zone is better.

Neutral for now, good idea though if it can be balanced out. 

⚒️Beta Tester⚒️

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