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Please could I get 2FA disabled on account 'BGM'


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I have 2FA setup on my account 'BGM' however when setting it up for my account 'Extinct', it overrode the account for BGM on my authentication app.


I then had an issue with the client wherein it would freeze, and so deleted the game cache which forgot my PC on the 2FA. Going to sign into BGM, it now asks for a code that my Authenticator app is not generating, as that account is no longer setup on the app.

I am also unable to disable 2FA on my account through the forums, as it again asks for a code that my app is not generating. I cannot add the account manually, as it asks for a QR code or Secret Key which is only visible if 2FA is disabled.


Please could whomever has the required access to disable the 2FA, do so for my account 'BGM'? Alternatively please forward this over to anybody who does have access, who may not be checking for open tickets.

Please contact me for security information as I can provide all information as and when needed.


Thank you.

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