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LMS Suggestions/fixes


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Disable lms on one of the 2 worlds and have it only available to play on 1 world. This would rotate each day between worlds. It's almost impossible to start a game on world and world 1 is really bad for us eu players.


Ornate handle should be tradeable and the ornate gmaul itself untradeable. Right now the ornate gmaul is tradeable but not even available to be searched in pos.

Defence isn't capped in lms, brewing up doesn't increase your def level but using a super combat sip does - it shouldn't.

Killing someone with 5 or less ppl left in lms gives you bloody key and with more than 5 it gives you a bloodier key atm, this is the wrong way around to how it's supposed to be.


Trouver pachment's aren't tradeable, they should be, also same goes for wildy crab teles.


I keep seeing ironmen complain about not being able to imbue rings, why not add ring imbues here? That would keep it alot more active. As it stands games dont even start you have to yell for people to come play.


Add a lms leaderboard, like the pvp leaderboard but for lms wins/kills - example below






Lms was intended to be a good steady money maker to keep it active but most of the items you buy from it to actually make money (ornate handles, parchments etc) aren't even tradeable?


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Just now, One Piece said:

Agreed. Lms at the moment doesn't really seem rewardable enough for people to be playing it, hope to see some buffs to the minigame in the future.

Only thing it does is lower the cost for PKing by a little bit from the ancient ice sacks and the bolts that we can buy. 


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Just now, heul said:

Only thing it does is lower the cost for PKing by a little bit from the ancient ice sacks and the bolts that we can buy. 

Yea this x10000. I was stuck playing lms the whole first week over n over to get bolts/sacks everytime I ran out

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I also had similar suggestions for LMS, here's my opinion:


LMS has a lot of flaws atm in its current state, and I can tell you these flaws in detail because I probably have one of the most wins in the game currently and clearly have a lot of experience regarding the matter, not to mention I was rank #25 on OSRS in LMS when I played OSRS.

Pj timers still need to be increased by atleast 5 seconds so you're given proper time to fix inventory/open key and will have no disadvantage in a 3 people left situation where you kill your opponent and the third player starts attacking you while you are fixing up inventory.

People can still take 98 damage from one player, freeze the player and dd under, attack a different player and get hit once and the key goes to the final damage player rather than the most damage player. BROKEN.

Spawns are still a joke in LMS, you can have an even number of players like 8/8 10/10 and sometimes still spawn far away alone from the person you should be fighting.

On OSRS, you get "Bloodier Key" which is basically the key that gives OP loot like vlses, dclaws, swh, etc, only when there's 5 or less people alive and that makes sense. You don't want to hand out such OP weps on first kills when everyone's in black dhide/mystic, yet atm on Zaros, it's the other way around. You are given a bloodier key when there's >5 people alive and a normal Bloody key when there's <= 5 people, most likely a bug, but it needs to be fixed. Currently, it's more benefical to get a kill in the beginning rather than towards the end.

The LMS shop is so ass, no wonder why it's not as popular as it has the potential to be. I seriously have to spend like 30 points on some bs paints that I can buy from trading post for 50k ea? Arrows/runes? Makes sense for ironmen but not really for regular players to literally spend 15+ minutes per game on getting shit loot like that. On OSRS, atleast you can get VLS and I think you should be able to get PVP items such as that from the LMS shop, or atleast other better upgrades. Why tf would I grind hours to buy an ugly cosmetic outfit for 450 LMS points? 

Keep in mind, an average game of LMS will last 15 minutes... And it would take you 5 matches where you literally have to WIN ALL of them in order to have 30 points so you can buy yourself a Dark bow paint? That's 1 hr 15 min, and that too if assuming you win all of the matches...

The ping as you mentioned is kind of ass in LMS. Item switching feels slower, it's hard to 1tick dds from a regular non-special attack weapon, sometimes prayers feel a little delayed. These things affect the combat in a very major way and should indeed be improved on to make LMS as enjoyable as it holds the potential to be.

Currently, the "Rank" system in LMS does not work. I think that would also be a cool addition to have.

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