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Hey - Joey


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Hey, I'm Joey. In game JoeyC, not sure if i've spoken to many of you on there. Mainly been AFK'ing skills while I finish up work over Christmas! Would like to get to know some more of you a little more soon once work has chilled out. Feel free to add me in game "Joeyc" or my Group IM "BigBadJoe" (Don't ask) we are also looking for a couple of new members. 

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7 hours ago, Immortal Fox said:

Welcome to Zaros @JoeyC, glad to hear you're enjoying yourself.


5 hours ago, Dynamit said:

Welcome to Zaros Joey, feel free to join the clanchat "support" if you need help in game, or directly PM me, if theres anything i can personally help u with. Enjoy your stay my friend ❤️ See you around


4 hours ago, Rhetoric said:

Hi buddy see you soon

Appreciate the welcome guys. 🙂

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