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Zaros Update – Bounty Hunter, Ancient Casket Changes


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+ Content Additions & Changes:




   Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter has made its way to Zaros! In this new Wilderness upgrade, you can be randomly assigned a target that is within your combat bracket. If you manage to defeat your target with an emblem in your inventory and risking at least 100K in items or coins, you might find yourself with a shiny new emblem to trade with Death for Blood Money. If you do not have an emblem to upgrade, a chance at a new tier 1 will be dropped for you.


Some important aspects of Bounty Hunter include:

- The chance of an upgrade or new emblem is dependent on your opponents risk, and the tier they are holding
- You are required to risk at least 100K in items or coins to receive an upgrade
- Upon killing your target, you will receive a 20 second pile-jumping (PJ) immunity
- You have a chance to gain a T1 Emblem on a wilderness slayer task, and if you complete your task, you have another chance to upgrade your emblem

The Blood Money reward for Emblems is as follows:

+ Antique emblem (tier 1) - 10 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 2) - 20 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 3) - 40 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 4) - 80 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 5) - 150 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 6) - 240 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 7) - 350 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 😎 - 500 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 9) - 700 blood money
+ Antique emblem (tier 10) - 1000 blood money


Ancient Caskets Changes

        - Added 3 additional single area spawns.
        - Can no longer drop the casket.
        - Can no longer attack other players whilst having the Ancient Casket
        - Any combat level may now attack the player attacking the person with the ancient casket.
        - Lower levels can no longer attempt to PJ the person attacking the casket carrier





- Demi-bosses will now correctly drop a different weapon part if you already have the one they drop in your inventory.
- Slightly slowed down the speed at which the heating tiles at Hunllef change into red damaging tiles.




Theatre of Blood:


Due to the changes outlined below and to provide fairness, we are resetting the challenge and total time records on both world scoreboards. All other data relating to completions and deaths are retained. The competition for TOB will continue to run and will now end on  December 29th. The Nightmare competition starting this weekend will still run as planned.


- Ironmen are now able to pick up a Dawnbringer dropped by a teammate.
- Players now drop the Dawnbringer on death.
- Fixed an issue where you could accidentally overbuy an item from the supply chest you don’t have room for, effectively wasting your points
- Players that die after the boss will now properly spawn at the respawn point instead of the jail (the death is still counted unless it’s after Verzik p3)
- Fixed an issue where players could not make an unfinished Cadantine Blood Potion (for bastion potions).



        - Moved all crab spawns back by one tile. This should help with clumping and freeze mechanics.
        - Slightly reduced the chance of a blood spawn appearing from a splat.
        - To clarify on damage the “red splats” deal to you when stepping on them, their max hit increases with the more matomenos that reach maiden


        - Pillar healths were previously 3,000hp each. Thanks to a confirmation from someone on OSRS they are now 130hp in a 5-man, scaling evenly up to 330hp in a 1-man. The damage that each nylo does to the pillars have also been changed to a maximum of “1” per hit.
        - Total pillar health is now properly show on the main HUD health bar.
        - Fixed an issue where 2 small nylocas would not spawn after big nylocas die.
        - The boss will now spawn 10 seconds after the last minion dies rather than the previous 5 seconds.
        - The boss now has better aggressive targeting, switching between targets more evenly.


        - The message that a red ball is coming your way is now colored red.
        - Fixed an issue where he would melee very far away (this was hotfixed shortly after release)
        - Will now fire the red DD bomb after 10 mage attacks, with melee attacks no longer counting towards this.
        - Stepping on an incorrect maze tile will now correctly deal AOE damage to players nearby.


        - Corrected range defence
        - Fixed an issue where you would randomly take poison damage when walking near poison splats


        - Fixed an issue where phase 1 is seldom skipped completely.
        - Fixed an issue where MVP points were not given for verzik p1
        - Fixed an issue where the purple athanatos would not spawn until 100 ticks after the start of phase 2.
        - Crab spawns in P2 and P3 are now more predictable and will not spawn on top of verzik, near the center, or to the south.
        - The message stating “There’s nothing under there for you!” during p2 melee attacks has been made into an overhead chat.


Other Changes:

Amrod Crystal Seed Exchange:
- You can now trade crystal weapon, tool, armour, and teleport seeds into amrod in Prifddinas in exchange for crystal shards.
      - You’ll get 10, 100, 250, and 150 respectively.

- Added the weiss herblore patch
- Saradomin Brews and Super Restores, and the secondaries to make them have had their prices reduced by 40%
- Drew at the Quarry has had his sand collection costs reduced to 150 gold pieces per bucket of sand
- Your Farming level will now determine how much product you will yield on bushes
- The Woodcutting, and Fishing Guild now have an invisible +7 boost to your Woodcutting and Fishing levels, and Donator Zones also receive a +7 -boost to your Mining level in addition to the Fishing and Woodcutting boost
- The Ice Plateau tele-other spell should now be highlighted, giving you ample warning that you’re about to head off to the Wilderness
- Agmundi’s Quality Clothes shop is now open for business




+ Other bug fixes:

- Fixed an issue with not being able to restore mutated zulrah helms in their uncharged state.
- Fixed an issue with being able to plant hardwood trees in non-hardwood tree patches
- The missing Lesser Demon at the Wizard’s tower has come home
- Fixed an issue with randomly obtained skilling outfit pieces not being added to your collection log
- The Wall Safes in the Rogue’s Den should now give you a chance at obtaining the Rogue’s Outfit
- Fixed an issue with being able to keep your Lunar spellbook when resetting your defence level
- Slayer Helmets now require 10 Defence
- Fixed Minnows not giving the proper amount of experience
- Fixed an issue with Implings not being catchable in some parts of Mount Karuulm
- Fixed an issue with Compost Potions not working properly when used on Compost
- Fixed issues with being able to spam click on certain Magic Spells to gain quicker experience
- Giant Seaweed should now be tradeable
- The Combat Dummies at home will now always trigger ranged bolt effects
- You can no longer cast the Hunter Kit spell if you already have a hunter kit in your inventory
- Fixed an issue with the Acummulator Max Cape not saving your ammunition 
- Fixed an issue with “Empty” options deleting items that were not consumables
- Fixed an issue with attack styles causing your account to null
- Fixed an issue with Slayer Fungicide Spray effect not working properly on Zygomites
- Fixed an issue with being able to alchemize your Rune Pouch
- Bolongo’s twin at the Gnome Stronghold has decided to retire in the Eastern Islands
- Fixed an issue with not being able to smith bars if you have a Gold Bar in your inventory
- Fixed an issue with Kraken tentacles not going down with the Kraken
- Fixed an issue with Lizardmen Shamans switching aggro after every acid and minion attack
- Fixed an issue with NPC aggro radius in the wilderness
- Fixed an issue with making Gold Bracelets
- Fixed an issue with bridges in dynamic instances
- Fixed an issue with the Ruby Bolt effect not counting as self-inflicted damage
- Fixed an issue with Arclight charging
- Fixed an issue with bigger NPC’s diagonal walking
- Fixed an issue with Dynamic Regions going over their maximum distance
- Duradel has also decided to retire to the Eastern Islands
- Custom donation items should now be tradeable and searchable on the Trading Post

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Hi team, thanks for updates an such. 

But i want to express my concerns of update times why the update have to be on peak times ?  Will never understand this there's much EU players than US.


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