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Inherited Gambling CC


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Inherited Gambling Clan Chat

Introduction :

Inherited cc was founded back in 2014 on Ikov when I personally decided to get into the gambling community.

After a while we become bigger and bigger and eventually took over the gambling community for around 1 year straight.

I'm sure a lot of you will remember us! 🙂


Rank prices and rules :

Rank Prices

We offer a free 1bar rank to people with 20+ vouches and are known around the community!

Ranks can also be earnt by being active and helping out the clan [ Minimum 1bar rank]

Recruit 50M | Maximum Pot 100M

Corporal 100m | Maximum Pot 200m

Sergeant 200m | Maximum Pot 400m

Lieutenant 400m | Maximum Pot 800m

Captain 800mM | Maximum Pot 1600M

General EARNT | Maximum Pot UNLIMITED

Rank Rules :

You must respect all players with an approachable manner.

Anyone betting over their MAX POT allowance will have their rank stripped and immediately kicked from the CC.

All ranks can host giveaways on their own initiative as well as donate to a CC drop party which will happen every Saturday. Donating is not mandatory but is respected, This will also add onto your rank in the CC.. ETC: Recruit rank = 100M, If you donated 50M in total towards a drop party you will get a 50M cut off your next rank. 



   Player Rules :

Any Scam MUST be recorded and sent over to me via discord at UrMyFan187#6022 for a refund of the hosts max BET.

Respect all hosts at all times not doing so will lead to a temporary ban from the clan chat.

Make sure the player who is hosting you is the same name as the name in the clan chat to avoid imposters acting as the host.


Inherited [ Owner / Founder]

[ Co Owner] None as of yet

General: NLE Choppa, Mule Pid

Captain: My the best8



Corp:  Sparcmac01, 






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