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Thieving Guide- By Diamond


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 Skill which allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters.

In this Guide I will be showing you the fastest 1-99 and also some of the best Money makers. Coins 100.png


Thieving cape.png1-99 Fastest MethodThieving cape.png



1-40 (Beginners Stall) (Can do Master Farmer at 38) optional)

Location: ::Edge (On the North Wall)

XP Rates:

Realism: 200XP Per Steal

Normal: 1250XP Per Steal

Ironman: 1250 XP Per Steal

Elite Ironman- 200XP


Coins 100.png Good for Starter Cash- Making you around 100-200k per hour. 

So you can afford basic training Gear/Pots ect





40-55 Guards

Location: Ardougne Market

XP Rates:

Realist: 374XP Per Steal

Normal:  2340 XP Per Steal

Ironman: 2340 XP Per Steal

Elite Ironman:  374 XP Per Steal



55-70- (Ardy Knights)


Location: Ardougne Market

XP Rates: 

Realist: 674 Per Steal

Normal:  4,215 XP Per Steal

Ironman: 4,215 XP Per Steal

Elite Ironman:  674 XP Per Steal


Knight of Ardougne.png



70-80- Ardy Knights/Paladins

You can keep doing Ardy Knights until 80. Or at 70 Switch to Paladins.

Location: Ardougne Market

XP Rates: 

Realist: 1213XP Per Steal

Normal:  7585 XP Per Steal

Ironman: 7585 XP Per Steal

Elite Ironman:  1213 XP Per Steal



80-99- Hero's 

Coins 100.pngHero's are the best XP In-game and are one of the best money makers. They can make you around 3m Per/H

Location: Ardougne Market

XP Rates: 

Realist: 2220 XP Per Steal

Normal:  13,750 XP Per Steal

Ironman: 13,750 XP Per Steal

Elite Ironman:  2220 XP Per Steal







Rogue Set


 Grants bonus Thieving experience when worn. It provides a small boost to experience received when training Thieving - a total of 5% when the full set is equipped.

Where Can I obtain?

You can obtain this by any method or thieving (Stalls/Pickpocketing) All give you a chance to obtain 1/5 of the set



While wearing pieces of the rogue armour, there is a chance of pickpocketing twice the loot from an NPC, with the full set guaranteeing double loot. Each piece increases the chance of double loot by 20%. 

Experience drops remain unaffected



$10 Has a better thieving stall, giving you slightly better cash at ::Dzone

$250- Has ::Ezone Stall Giving better cash than ::Dzone

$5000- Has ::Uzone giving better cash than ::ezone/::Dzone


Thieving cape.png99 Theiving Skill Cape Perk:Thieving cape.png

Thieving 99 Thieving - Additional 10% chance of being successful when pickpocketing.

I hope this guide helps,

I'm sure I've missed some bits and pieces, as always let me know what needs adding!


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