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This intro is better than the others


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Some of you may know me as Newgate, but decided to change the IGN for Zaros for once. Turned 25 today, currently a Football Coach in Portugal for a team called Cova da Piedade.

I've been around Runescape and RSPS for over 12 years, and I make videos for the servers that I really enjoy.

Zaros will be one of them, so if you want a consistent source of Zaros Gameplay and Media, subscribe to my channel!

Really hyped about this project, and I hope it succeeds!

Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8HA1ab0b7LFAED038zocjQ?view_as=subscriber

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Gonna be nice to have some quality variety of content creators on Zaros. Gl on getting those first drops for content!


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