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EIM Hiscores Suggestion


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I appreciate the hiscores are still being worked on and developed, but I figure that also makes this a good time to suggest features. As an EIM I find myself often swapping back and forth between the Elite Hardcore Ironman list and the Elite Ironman list to compare progress. It would be nice if these lists were able to be combined to maintain competition between all EIM accounts. I definitely appreciate there should be incentive to stay alive as a Hardcore account, so some separation is definitely necessary.

My suggestion would be to add check boxes that could be checked and unchecked to filter Alive/dead EIMs. Quick example:



I don't think this suggestion should translate to regular hardcore/Ironman accounts, mainly due to the ability to select either of those options when creating an account. EIMs however only have one option to start as Hardcore, and the 8x experience rates make it a competitive mode whether the accounts still have Hardcore status or not.

Disclaimer: I don't plan on dying lol

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