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Achievement Rewards & Benefits


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-In this Guide I will be explaining what the Achievement Rewards are and how they benefit you as a Zaros Player!

-Each Achievements have 5 Tiers (Easy,Medium,Hard,Elite and Master)

-The harder the Tier the harder the achievement will be.


Credit to @Slayex- He is the one who has created this Guide!


Bpb3i63.pngCombat Achievements Bpb3i63.png

Bronze scimitar.pngEasy Combat Achievements Bronze scimitar.png


Kill 50 Sand or Rock Crabs D3golY1.png
Defeat 10 suits of Animated Armour dwHHYb1.png
Crush any type of bones with the Bonecrusher 250x Bonecrusher.png
Use a Slayer Ring to teleport to your task Slayer ring.png
Deal damage to a Turoth Turoth icon.png
Attack your Slayer task inside an area that is for Slayer tasks only Attack icon.png
Use the proper equipment to defend against Aberrant Spectre attacks Nose peg.png

Adamant scimitar.pngMedium Combat AchievementsAdamant scimitar.png


Use your Dwarf Cannon to deal 5k damage Cannonball.png
Wear a set of Barrows Gloves Barrows gloves.png
Obtain a God cape by praying at statues inside of the Mage Arena bank God capes.gif
Use the special attack of a Crystal or Dragon HalberdDragon halberd.png
Access the Cradle of Life in the Stronghold of Security OXY5bAS.png
Cast fire spells with a charged Tome of Fire Tome of fire (empty).png
Kill 100 slayer targets in the Kourend Catacombs Slayer icon.png
Hit a 40 or greater with a Ranged Bolt special effect Ruby bolts (e) 5.png
Defeat 5 players in the duel arena Ring of dueling.png
Participate in a tournament Tournament world icon.png

Rune scimitar.pngHard Combat Achievements:Rune scimitar.png


Encounter 20 Superior Slayer monstersSlayer icon.png
Use the special attack of a Dragonfire Shield Dragonfire shield (uncharged).png
Use the special attack of a Toxic Blowpipe Toxic blowpipe (empty).png
Smash 50 Gargoyles to finish them off Gargoyle icon.png
Complete a slayer task while on a 10+ task streak Slayer icon.png
Obtain a Dragon Defender drop from a basement dwelling Cyclops Dragon defender.png
Win 20 games of Pest Control with enough zeal Purple portal icon.png
Kill 50 metal dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon Slayer icon.png

Dragon scimitar.pngElite Combat AchievementsDragon scimitar.png


Apply a whip mix to your Abyssal Whip Volcanic abyssal whip.png
Defeat 50 Skeletal Monkeys in the Ape Atoll dungeon Slayer icon.png
Take over 45 damage in a single hit from a Skeletal WyvernSlayer icon.png
Open the Brimstone Chest 25 times VVIPFIj.png
Upgrade the Helm of Neitiznot with a Basilisk Jaw Helm of neitiznot.png
Kill 100 Adamant or Rune dragonsSlayer icon.png
Hit a Dark Beast with the Dark Bow special Dark bow.png

Saradomin sword.pngMaster Combat Achievements: Saradomin sword.png


Kill 10,000 of any monsterSlayer icon.png
Construct any colored Slayer Helmet Purple slayer helmet.png

wDsOaGY.pngBossing Achievements wDsOaGY.png


a5ZXDr9.pngEasy Bossing Achievementsa5ZXDr9.png


Get assigned a Boss Slayer task Slayer icon.png
Get splattered by mud from the Giant Mole 5 times 7kbBOdC.png
Access Bryophyta’s lair in the Varrock sewers Mossy key.png: Bryophyta drops Mossy key with rarity 1/16 in quantity 1

fM2FEBQ.pngMedium Bossing Achievements:fM2FEBQ.png


Enter Obor’s lair Hill giant club.png: Obor drops Hill giant club with rarity 1/118 in quantity 1
Enter a boss instance hosted by yourself or a clan member Leon's champion scroll.png
Defeat 100 bosses of any kind Slayer icon.png
Obtain 5 rare items from the Barrows Chest zOnEJqS.png
Dodge explosions from purple Lizardman Shaman spawns 9 times E3F6z7f.png
Defeat the Sarachnis Sraracha.png: Sarachnis drops Sraracha with rarity 1/3,000 in quantity 1
Use 5 grubby keys Grubby key.png: Sarachnis drops Grubby key with rarity 1/15 in quantity 1
Defeat the Kalphite Queen Kalphite princess.png: Kalphite Queen drops Kalphite princess with rarity 1/3,000 in quantity 1

ayHPv1R.pngHard Bossing AchievementsayHPv1R.png


Take damage from a Rune Dragon’s electricity attack Rune dragon icon.png
Defeat 250 bosses of any kindSlayer icon.png
Defeat the TzTok-Jad Tzrek-jad.png: TzTok-Jad drops Tzrek-jad with rarity 1/200 in quantity 1
Use 5 Ecumenical Keys to access any God Wars boss room Ecumenical key.png
Use the front entrance of the Myth’s Guild Mythical cape.png
Successfully use Prayer against Cerberus’ Summoned Souls 9 times Cerberus icon.png
Use the boss lair display in a POH to display a jar House portal icon.png
Deal at least 100 damage with the DWH or SWH special against the Corporeal Beast Dragon warhammer.png
Defeat Zulrah at least 25 times Pet snakeling.png: Zulrah drops Pet snakeling with rarity 1/4,000 in quantity 1
Defeat the Kraken at least 25 times Pet kraken.png: Kraken drops Pet kraken with rarity 1/3,000 in quantity 1
Obtain an uncut onyx drop Uncut onyx.png
Defeat the 3 dagannoth king in one trip Slayer icon.png
Take down one of Skotizo’s Altars Skotos.png: Skotizo drops Skotos with rarity 1/65 in quantity 1

Pet general graardor.png: General Graardor drops Pet general graardor with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1Elite Bossing AchievementsPet general graardor.png: General Graardor drops Pet general graardor with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1


Use a Dark Totem to take on Skotizo Dark totem.png
Use the Font of Consumption to obtain loot dFW5Svd.png
Use the Dragon Forge to make either a Dragon plate body or kite shield Dragon platebody.png
Defeat the mighty Corporeal Beast 10 times Pet dark core.png: Corporeal Beast drops Pet dark core with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1
Defeat the Mimic SW0WzhC.png
Complete the Chambers of Xeric 50 times Olmlet.png: Chambers of Xeric drops Olmlet with rarity 1/53 in quantity 1
Complete the Theatre of Blood 25 times Lil' zik.png: Theatre of Blood drops Lil' zik with rarity 1/650 in quantity 1
Defeat the Alchemical Hydra 50 times Alchemical hydra heads.png: Alchemical Hydra drops Alchemical hydra heads with rarity 1/256 in quantity 1
Defeat Vorkath at least 25 times Vorki.png: Vorkath drops Vorki with rarity 1/3,000 in quantity 1
Defeat Cerberus at least 25 times Cerberus icon.png
Successfully complete three Gauntlet runs Youngllef.png: The Gauntlet drops Youngllef with rarity 1/800 in quantity 1
Defeat the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil at least 50 times Pet smoke devil.png: Thermonuclear smoke devil drops Pet smoke devil with rarity 1/3,000 in quantity 1
Defeat 50 Demonic Gorilla’s Zenyte shard.png: Demonic gorilla drops Zenyte shard with rarity 1/300 in quantity 1
Sacrifice an infernal cape in hopes you receive a Jalnib-Rek pet Infernal cape.png
Obtain a pile of chewed bones as a drop Chewed bones.png
Defeat the 4 God wars bosses in one trip Bandos godsword.png

Olmlet.png: Chambers of Xeric drops Olmlet with rarity 1/53 in quantity 1Master Bossing AchievementsOlmlet.png: Chambers of Xeric drops Olmlet with rarity 1/53 in quantity 1


Defeat 1,000 bosses of any kind Slayer icon.png
Get 2 or more rare items from a single Barrows Chest zOnEJqS.png
Defeat he mighty TzKal-Zuk Jal-nib-rek.png
Complete the entire Inferno (Waves 1-69) Infernal cape.png
Complete a CoX raid in under 20 minutes solo Olmlet.png: Chambers of Xeric drops Olmlet with rarity 1/53 in quantity 1
Complete a CoX raid in under 15 minutes with a groupOlmlet.png: Chambers of Xeric drops Olmlet with rarity 1/53 in quantity 1
Complete a ToB raid in under 16 minutes Lil' zik.png: Theatre of Blood drops Lil' zik with rarity 1/650 in quantity 1
Defeat the Nightmare soloLittle nightmare.png: The Nightmare drops Little nightmare with rarity 1/800 in quantity 1
Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet within 7 minutesYoungllef.png: The Gauntlet drops Youngllef with rarity 1/800 in quantity 1

Dragon pickaxe.pngSkilling AchievementsDragon axe.png


Bronze axe.pngEasy AchievementsBronze axe.png


Create a Varrock Teleport tablet in your POH Varrock teleport (tablet).png
Change your house style via an estate agent Construction icon.png
Complete 50 obstacles on any Rooftop Course Agility icon.png
Run around with any full Graceful outfit Graceful top.png
Take the Blue Dragon pipe squeeze shortcut (Taverly Dungeon) Agility icon.png
Steal from a fish stall Thieving icon.png
Obtain 250 gems from wall safes in Rogue’s Den Uncut diamond.png
Spin 50 pieces of Flax on a spinning wheel Flax.png
Cut 50 gems of any type Uncut diamond.png
Fletch 1,000 Arrow ShaftsFletching icon.png
Enchant 100 bolts of any type Blurite bolts.png
Retrieve 75 animals from any Hunter traps Hunter icon.png
Mine 10 precious gems from a gem rock Mining icon.png
Chop 50 Mahogany logs Woodcutting icon.png
View the Farming Equipment storage Farming icon.png
Check the health of any kind of tree at least 5 times Farming icon.png
Pay a Farmer to remove a tree for youFarming icon.png
Successfully smelt 250 bars of any typeSmithing icon.png
Harvest 100 seaweed Farming icon.png

Adamant axe.pngMedium Skilling AchievementsAdamant axe.png


Build a new Chapel in your houseConstruction icon.png
Speak to your own Butler inside your houseConstruction icon.png
Climb to the summit of the Agility Pyramid Agility icon.png
Create a Stamina Potion (3)Herblore icon.png
Pickpocket 25 HeroesThieving icon.png
Pick a Tzhaar-Hur’s pocket without being burntThieving icon.png
Mine 1,000 kg of granite in the desertMining icon.png
Catch 100 Monkfish from PiscatorisFishing icon.png
Exchange 5,000 Minnows for Sharks Fishing icon.png
Have your Comorant catch fish for you at Lake MolchFishing icon.png
Use a Dragon axe or higher to get logs from any tree Dragon axe.png
Complete 10 farming contracts of any level Farming icon.png
Deposit 300 pay-dirt into the hopper in the Motherlode MineMining icon.png
Collect 500 bars from the Blast FurnaceSmithing icon.png
Harvest 50 snapegrassFarming icon.png
Check the health of 10 Mahogany or Teak treesFarming icon.png
Collect 100 buckets of sand from the SandstormFarming icon.png

Rune axe.pngHard Skilling AchievementsRune axe.png


Subdue the Wintertodt 20 times Firemaking icon.png
Build and use a Gilded Altar inside your house Construction icon.png
Craft a Black D’hide BodyCrafting icon.png
Craft a Magic Birdhouse Crafting icon.png
Fletch a Toxic Blowpipe from a Tanzanite Fang Fletching icon.png
Catch 3 Dragon Implings Hunter icon.png
Track and harvest the Herbiboar on Fossil Island 10 timesHunter icon.png
Mine 50 pieces of Amethyst from the mining guildMining icon.png
Dissect 10 Sacred EelsCooking icon.png
Successfully cook 50 SharksCooking icon.png
Light 50 Redwood logsFiremaking icon.png
Harvest 750 products from any farming patchFarming icon.png
Get a wine fermenting experience drop of at least 100,000 xpCooking icon.png 
Smith any item that is made of RuniteSmithing icon.png
Equip the entire Lumberjack’s setWoodcutting icon.png
Equip the entire Farmer’s setFarming icon.png
Equip the entire Rogue’s setThieving icon.png
Equip the entire Carpenter’s setConstruction icon.png
Equip the entire Angler’s setFishing icon.png
Equip the entire Pyromancer’s setFiremaking icon.png
Equip the entire Prospector’s setMining icon.png

Dragon axe.pngElite Skilling AchievementsDragon axe.png


Have the Taxidermist stuff a head for you
Exchange 1,000 marks of grace Mark of grace.png
Craft an uncut zenith using the Ape Atoll flames  Crafting icon.png
Get a wine fermenting experience drop of at least 1,000,000 xpCooking icon.png
Check the health of a Redwood Tree Farming icon.png
Defeat Hespori 10 times Farming icon.png
Craft an Odium or Malediction Ward Malediction ward.png
Craft any pair of Cerberus Boots Primordial boots.png
Craft any Spirit Shield with a sigi Elysian spirit shield.png

3rd age axe.pngMaster Skilling Achievements 3rd age axe.png


Obtain 2277 total and purchase a Max Cape Max cape.png
Attach an Avernic Hilt to a Dragon Defender Avernic defender hilt.png
Catch 10 Crystal Implings Hunter icon.png
Reach maximum experience in any skill Max cape.png

Skull (status) icon.pngWilderness Achievements Skull (status) icon.png


Bronze full helm.pngEasy Wilderness AchievementsBronze full helm.png


Enter the Wilderness Resource ArenaMithril ore.png
Defeat 100 monsters in the WildernessSlayer icon.png
Store any item inside your Looting Bag Looting bag.png
Complete a Wilderness Slayer Task Slayer icon.png
Use Obelisks to teleport across the Wilderness Magic icon.png
Pray at the altar of the Elder Chaos Druids Prayer icon.png
Let Piles in the wilderness arena note resources for you Mithril ore.png

Adamant full helm.pngMedium Wilderness AchievementsAdamant full helm.png


Kill 25 players in the WildernessSkull (status) icon.png
Jump any shortcut gap in the Revenant Caves Agility icon.png
Use the Fountain of Rune to recharge a piece of jewelry Amulet of glory(4).png
Open the Rogue’s Chests at the Rogue’s Castle 
Catch a fish while being skulled in the wildernessSkull (status) icon.png
Complete 10 laps of the Wilderness agility course Agility icon.png

Rune full helm.pngHard Skilling Wilderness AchievementsRune full helm.png


Obtain a Slayer’s Enchantment Scroll dropSlayer icon.png
Defeat Galvek the wilderness boss 3 times Slayer icon.png
Open either of Larran’s chests 10 times Larran's key 3.png
Mine a runite golem in the wildy resource arena Runite ore.png
Kill 100 of any type of revenant Slayer icon.png
Complete 10 Wilderness Slayer tasks in a rowSlayer icon.png
Offer up to 100 Dragon bones to the Chaos Altar Dragon bones.png
Exchange any Revenant artifact to the Wandering trader within the Revenant caves Ancient relic.png: Revenant dragon drops Ancient relic with rarity 1/8,000 in quantity 1

Dragon med helm.pngElite Wilderness TasksDragon med helm.png


Kill 100 players in the WildernessSkull (status) icon.png
Slay each of the wilderness bosses (6) 30 times Slayer icon.png
Obtain a kill streak of 15Skull (status) icon.png
Catch 100 dark crabs while skulledDark crab.png
Complete the Mage Arena 2 mini-questGod capes.gif

Helm of neitiznot.pngMaster Wilderness TasksHelm of neitiznot.png


Obtain a kill streak of 50Skull (status) icon.png
Kill 1,000 players in the wildernessSkull (status) icon.png
Win 25 games of Last Man StandingSkull (status) icon.png

Loyalty points.pngLoyalty Achievements Loyalty points.png


Green partyhat.pngEasy Loyalty AchievementsGreen partyhat.png


Use the ::vote command 
Read the ::rules command
Check out the ::store

Yellow partyhat.pngMedium Loyalty AchievementsYellow partyhat.png


Spend 50 total voting tokens

Red partyhat.pngHard Loyalty Achievements Red partyhat.png


Reach 7 days of in-game play time

Blue partyhat.pngElite Loyalty AchievementsBlue partyhat.png


Spend 150 total voting tokens
Reach 30 days of in-game play time

Bronze platebody (g).pngMiscellaneous Achievements Bronze platebody (g).png


Bronze platebody (g).pngEasy Miscellaneous AchievementsBronze platebody (g).png


Set-up a dwarf cannon Cannon barrels.png
Log in while having two-factor active on your account Security book.png
Use the drop table viewer Abyssal whip.png
Cast Low Alchemy on any item worth over 5000 coins Low Level Alchemy.png
Use the Rejuvenation box in Edgeville to heal yourself Hitpoints icon.png
Check the Pet Insurance interface (Probita) Pet chaos elemental.png
Access the settings menu for the XP tracker Settings.png
Use Fairy Rings to teleport around the world 3 times Fairy ring (Construction) icon.png
Open up the Advanced Options menu for settings Settings.png
Check your Collection Box to see if it contains items 
Set a bank pin and enter it correctly at least onceSecurity book.png
Complete 10 easy clue scrollsClue scroll (easy).png
Access and create your first gear preset at any bank booth Bandos chestplate.png
Collect at least 10 items in your collection log  Collection log.png
Get a friend to visit your house House portal icon.png
Pick 20 mort myre fungi Mort myre fungus.png

Adamant platebody (t).pngMedium Miscellaneous AchievementsAdamant platebody (t).png


Cast Telekinetic Grab on coins that naturally spawn in the world Telekinetic Grab.png
Use 10 Crystal Keys to open the chest in Edgeville Crystal key.png
Complete 20 medium clue scrolls Clue scroll (medium).png
Create 100 planks using the ‘Plank Make’ spell Plank Make.png
Clean 25 fossils on Fossil Island Unidentified rare fossil.png
Gain 20 Varrock Museum Kudos Varrock Teleport.png
Access your bolt pouch Bolt pouch.png
Build a canoe and use it to travel  Dragon axe.png
Collect at least 50 items in your collection logCollection log.png
Open 5 herb boxesHerb box.png

Rune platebody (g).pngHard Miscellaneous AchievementsRune platebody (g).png


Drop down any pet and have it follow you Hellpuppy.png
Access your Rune Pouch Rune pouch.png
Complete 30 hard clue scrollsClue scroll (hard).png
Have Dr.Clue auto-complete 25 clue scrolls for youClue scroll (hard).png
Sell over 10m worth of items on the trading post Coins 10000.png
Collect 1,000 blue tears from the ‘Tears of Guthix’ minigame Minigame map icon.png
Collect at least 250 items in your collection log Collection log.png
Obtain 300,000,000 total experienceMax cape.png
Equip the Clue Hunter Outfit Helm of raedwald.png

Royal crown.pngElite Miscellaneous AchievementsRoyal crown.png


Complete 50 elite clue scrolls Clue scroll (elite).png
Have Ilfeen enchant a crystal weapon seed for you Crystal weapon seed.png
Collect at least 500 items in your collection log Collection log.png
Obtain 1,000,000,000 total experienceMax cape.png
Use the alchemy spells to produce a total of 25,000,000 coinsCoins 10000.png
Imbue any combat ring with an imbuement scroll Berserker ring (i).png
Open the crystal key chest with 10 enhanced crystal keys Enhanced crystal key.png

3rd age platebody.pngMaster Miscellaneous Achievements3rd age platebody.png


Fill up and complete all 6 God books Holy book
Complete 25 master clue scrolls Clue scroll (master).png
Perform the quest point cape emote Quest point cape.png
Collect at least 1,000 items in your collection logCollection log.png
Obtain 4,600,000,000 total experience Max cape.png
Discover a mega-rare item from a Clue Scroll 3rd age full helmet.png
Befriend at least 10 boss or skilling pets Rift guardian.png


Coins 10000.pngAll items in the Achievement Rewards shop cost 500k coins and require a certain % of completed Achievements.

Top hat.pngSome rewards are simply cosmetic, whereas others have abilities and benefits.


Achievement diary cape.pngAchievement Diary Hood & Cape - 95% completion 

Achievement diary cape.pngAchievement Cape (t) - 100% completion

Wilderness sword 1.pngWilderness Sword 1 - 10% completion
* Always slashes webs successfully
* Lever in the Deserted Keep can teleport the player to Edgeville via a right-click option
* 10 random free runes from Lundail once per day

Wilderness sword 2.pngWilderness Sword 2 - 25% completion
* Faster log cutting from Ents
* 20% off entry cost to the Resource Area
* Access to a shortcut in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon
* Can have up to 4 ecumenical keys at a time

Wilderness sword 3.pngWilderness Sword 3 - 50% completion
* One free daily teleport to the Fountain of Rune
* 50% more Lava shards per Lava scale
* Access to a shortcut to the Lava Dragon Isle (requiring 74 Agility to use)
* Can have 5 ecumenical keys at a time
* 30 random, free runes from Lundail once per day
* Able to choose your destination when teleporting through the Ancient Obelisks
* 50% off entry to Resource Area (3750 gold)

Wilderness sword 4.pngWilderness Sword 4 - 75% completion
* Unlimited teleports to the Fountain of Rune
* Free entry to the Resource Area
* All dragon bones drops in the Wilderness are noted
* 50 random, free runes from Lundail once per day
* Increased dark crab catch rate
Helm of Raedwald - 85% completion
* Considered warm clothing

Helm of raedwald.pngClue Hunter Outfit - 60% completion (Garb, Trousers, Cloak, Gloves, Boots)
* Considered warm clothing


Cabbage cape.pngCabbage cape - 35% completion

Rainbow scarf.pngRainbow scarf - 45% completion

Flared trousers.pngFlared trousers - 45% completion


Ardougne cloak 1.pngArdougne Cloak 1 - 25% completion
* 200 death runes when trading in a cat
* 10% increased chance to successfully thieve from stalls in Ardougne
* Some drops will be noted at the Tower of Life
* Unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Monastery

Ardougne cloak 2.pngArdougne Cloak 2 - 45% completion
* 100 free noted pure essence every day from Wizard Cromperty
* Three daily teleports to the Ardougne farm patch
* 10% increased chance to pickpocket in Ardougne (even if the cloak is not equipped)
* Further noted drops from the Tower of Life
* Receive additional runes when crafting essence at the Ourania Altar

Ardougne cloak 3.pngArdougne Cloak 3 - 65% completion
* Five daily teleports to the Ardougne farm patch
* 150 free noted pure essence every day from Wizard Cromperty
* Ability to toggle Watchtower Teleport to the centre of Yanille
* Even more noted drops from the Tower of Life
* 10% increased chance of succeeding when pickpocketing around Gielinor (even if the cloak is not equipped)

Ardougne cloak 4.pngArdougne Cloak 4 - 85% completion
* Unlimited teleports to Ardougne farm patch
* 250 free noted pure essence every day from Wizard Cromperty
* 50% more fish from Fishing Trawler
* 25% more marks of grace from the Ardougne Rooftop Course
* Bert will automatically deliver 84 buckets of sand to the bank each day (unless the player is an Ultimate Ironman).

Rada's blessing 1.pngRada’s blessing 1 - 10% completion
* 3 daily teleports to the Kourend Woodland
* 2% chance to catch two fish at once everywhere when equipped (no additional XP is given)
* Halved access fee to Crabclaw Isle (10,000 to 5,000)
* Increased drop rate of Xeric's talisman (1/250 to 1/125), excluding stone chests
* Reduced tanning prices at Eodan in Forthos Dungeon to 80% of his standard price.

Rada's blessing 2.pngRada’s blessing 2 - 25% completion
* +1 to blessing's prayer bonus
* 5 daily teleports to the Kourend Woodland
* 4% chance to catch two fish at once everywhere when equipped (no additional XP is given)
* Free access to Crabclaw Isle
* 5% chance to mine two dense essence blocks at once
* 20 free dynamite a day from Thirus
* Reduced tanning prices at Eodan in Forthos Dungeon to 60% of his standard price.

Rada's blessing 3.pngRada’s blessing 3 - 40% completion
* Unlimited teleports to the Kourend Woodland
* 3 daily teleports to Mount Karuulm
* 6% chance to catch two fish at once everywhere when equipped (no additional XP is given)
* Ability to use a slayer helmet as a Shayzien helm (5) by talking to Captain Cleive
* 5% increased yield from Hosidius and Farming Guild herb patches
* 40 free dynamite a day from Thirus
* Reduced tanning prices at Eodan in Forthos Dungeon to 40% of his standard price.

Rada's blessing 4.pngRada’s blessing 4 - 55% completion
* Unlimited teleports to Mount Karuulm
* 8% chance to catch two fish at once everywhere when equipped (no additional XP is given)
* 20 slayer reward points for completing Konar's Slayer tasks
* 10% reduced burn chance at the Hosidius Kitchens, up from 5%
* 80 free dynamite a day from Thirus
* 10% additional blood runes when crafting blood runes (no additional XP is given)
* Protection from the burn effect in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon without the need for boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots
* Reduced tanning prices at Eodan in Forthos Dungeon to 20% of his standard price.
* Additional +1 to blessing's prayer bonus

Explorer's ring 1.pngExplorers ring 1 - 15% completion
* 50% run energy replenish twice a day
* Cast Low Level Alchemy (requires Magic level 21) without using any runes 30 times a day (however, this does not grant any Magic XP for casting)
* Teleport to all herb plots

Explorer's ring 2.pngExplorers ring 2 - 30% completion
* 50% run energy replenish three times a day.
* Teleport to cabbage patch near Falador farm three times a day.
* Access to Draynor Village wall shortcut.
* Teleport to all tree plots

Explorer's ring 3.pngExplorers ring 3 - 45% completion
* 50% run energy replenish 4 times a day
* Access to a shortcut from Lumbridge swamp to the desert
* 10% increased experience from Tears of Guthix
* Unlimited teleports to cabbage patch near Falador farm
* Teleport to all fruit tree plots

Explorer's ring 4.pngExplorers ring 4 - 60% completion
* 6th slot to block Slayer tasks
* 100% run energy replenish 3 times a day
* 20% discount on items in the Culinaromancer's Chest
* 30 free casts of High Level Alchemy per day (does not provide experience)
* Use of fairy rings no longer requires wielding a dramen or lunar staff.
* Teleport to all special tree plots

Bomber cap.pngBomber jacket.pngBomber cap & jacket - 20% completion

Cap and goggles.pngCap & goggles - 30% completion

Karamja gloves 4.pngKaramja gloves 4 - 40% completion
* Free access to Shilo Village furnace
* Free access to the Hardwood Grove
* Double tokkul from the TzHaar Fight Caves
* 10% chance at receiving double tickets in the Brimhaven Agility Arena
* One fight cave resurrection per day
* Shortcut to red dragons
* Noted red dragonhide from Brimhaven Dungeon
* Metal dragons found in Brimhaven dungeon drop noted bars (right click Bars on Pirate Jackie the Fruit)
When worn
* 10% extra Agility experience from obstacles in the Brimhaven Agility Arena
* Discounted prices within Mor Ul Rek
* Pressure pads in the Brimhaven Agility Arena take 4 ticks to complete rather than 5 ticks.
At all times
* Lowers boat trip costs from Port Sarim - Musa Point and Ardougne - Brimhaven from 30 coins to 15 coins
* 10% extra Agility experience from all Agility arena tickets cashed in
* Shortcut across Shilo Village river
* Access to the underground portion of the Shilo Village mine
Operate gloves
* Free, unlimited teleportation to the underground portion of the Shilo Village mining site
* Free, unlimited teleportation directly to Duradel

Beret mask.pngBeret Mask - 20% completion

Crabclaw hook.pngCrabclaw hook - 35% completion

Fremennik sea boots 4.pngFremennik sea boots 4 - 40% completion

* Peer the Seer will act as a bank deposit box
* Fossegrimen will give your enchanted lyre an extra charge when making a sacrifice
* Shortcut jump from Miscellania dock to Etceteria
* Improved rate of gaining approval for your Kingdom
* Ability to change enchanted lyre teleport location to Waterbirth Island
* Aviansies in the God Wars Dungeon will now drop adamantite bars in noted form
* Shortcut to roof of the Troll Stronghold (near herb patch)
* Access to 2 new lunar spells:
    * Tan Leather -
    *  . Tans 5 hides per spell.
    * Recharge Dragonstone -
    *  . Recharges all enchanted Dragonstone jewellery (except Ring of wealth) in inventory per spell.
* Dagannoth Kings will drop noted dagannoth bones
* Seal of passage no longer required on Lunar Isle
* Access to the Return Orb inside the bank on Lunar Isle
* Ability to toggle your enchanted lyre teleport to Jatizso or Neitiznot
* Unlimited teleports to Rellekka with the teleport function

Falador shield 4.pngFalador shield 4 - 85% completion
* Shortcut to the chaos temple from Burthorpe
* Access to a shortcut in the Motherlode Mine
* 10% more experience from the Falador farm (Shield does not need to be equipped for this)
* Higher chance of receiving a clue scroll from a guard
* Access to a bank chest at the Crafting Guild
* The Giant Mole will drop noted mole skins and mole claws
* Shortcut to the Fountain of Heroes
* Mole locator (right-click shield to use)
* Tree patch in Falador will never get diseased
* Slightly increased chance at receiving higher level ores when cleaning pay-dirt from the Motherlode Mine (Shield does not need to be equipped for this)[1]
* 100% prayer recharge twice a day

Bearhead.pngBearhead - 10% completion

Pet rock.pngPet rock - 30% completion

Empty fishbowl.pngFishbowl helmet & Diving apparatus- 30% completion
* Used to breath underwater


Thanks for reading, anything missing let me know!

Again Credits to @Slayexas he wrote up everything within this guide!!!

Edited by Diamond

⚒️Beta Tester⚒️

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1 hour ago, Vote said:

For most of these, do we need to have the items equiped or only have them bought?



The majority of them require the item to be equipped but there are some things that don't. Did you have any specific reward in mind and I'll let you know?

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