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Zaros Security Guide


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Zaros Account Security
This guide contains the information to keep your accounts safe.
There a few ways to keep your account secure from other users getting access.

Always use a good unique password, include a mix of symbols, numbers and both upper and lower case letters. Weak passwords use short, common words. Protect your passwords from both dictionary attacks and brute-force attacks by using a range of letters, numbers and symbols. Use different passwords for each online account you access.  Do not share your password with anyone other then yourself. 

Lost your password? Click here

Bank Pin
Talk to any banker ingame:

Select the 2nd option


Select set a pin

Set a 4 digit pin, do this twice, as confirmation. 

Staff Impersonation 
Beaware of people pretending to be staff. Not only ingame, also Discord, aswell as forums. 
Use the ::Staff command to see staff that's currently online 
Staff symbols: 

support.png = Server Support/Helper
server_mod.png = Server Moderator 
forum_mod.png = Forum Moderator 
admin.png = Server Administrator
developer.png = Server Developer 
owner.png = Server Owner

Computer Protection 
There is multiple ways to keep your computer secure [for free]. At the very least you want to run; 
- Anti-Spyware Software
- Firewall Software
- PC Cleaner Software


Two-Factor Authentication




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Let me first say that this guide is SIMPLE yet extremely useful at the same time. I like the links provided to give users an idea of what to get for security.

Another thing I want to point out is the bank pin information. I can almost bet 75 percent of users do not know this is in the game and is a WORKING feature. I use this feature and love the extra layer of security that it provides to users. 

Keep doing you 🙂 @She I like the information posted here.  +1 to you!


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