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Decreasing clue scroll steps

Pride force

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I think it's a good idea to decrease the amount of steps needed to finish clue scrolls.

It's the same as osrs, Should be a bit faster to finish them.

Please let me know what everyone else thinks about this.

Easy clue scrolls - 1-3

Medium clue scrolls 2-4

Hard clue scrolls 3-5

Elite clue scrolls - 4-6

Master clue scrolls - 5-7



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i don't support this, this is my reason.


Clues are already much much faster to complete on here than on OSRS, you can practically teleport to every location (or really close to) which means when you have made the hidey holes every clue step will take you approximately 20-30 seconds, this is much faster than OSRS so keeping the same step amount still makes the clues a lot faster on here than on OSRS. no reason to make them faster, otherwise the value of the rare rewards will plummet into nothing.

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