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Donator Perks/Zone


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Some donator benefit options. % can be changed based on what server wants and that’s only for 4 donator levels if there is more or less it can be changed accordingly. And of course some of the perks can be taken out and some new ones can be added in. Just a pretty decent and relatively fair form of perks for supporting server. (Drop rate boost could even be removed in my opinion but it’s in there for now)

on a second note donator zone pictures posted look amazing! Except for the fact resources are so far from the bank unless their is a deposit box next to the trees and rocks and pond there is not much point in using the DZ as a skilling location. The furnace is so far from the bank everyone will use edge and varrock (or blast furnace). I know no NPC’s are in the zone yet but I think that should be looked at before to much effort is put into DZ with the layout it has now. 

please leave some comments on anything you think should be added or anything you disagree with. 





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This is a very well put suggestion, a lot of the stuff you mention are great ideas but I think extra chance for loot in raids will be a little over powered for skilling perks sounds perfect for pvm I think everyone should have the same drop rate in order for it not be a lot of pay to win , except for elite Ironman of course but great job on the suggestion.

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